Domino’s Pizza Pays Homage to Farmers!

Domino’s Pizza has had an interesting go of it the last few years, from bad PR to completely changing their pizza recipe.  (Hey, I liked the old pizza.  I still like the new pizza, though.  Then again, unless it’s just downright BAD pizza, I love most pizza.  Anyways…)  Their latest campaign, however, caught my eye.  It really, really spoke to me.

So there I am, sitting on the couch at Farmboy’s apartment, watching TV, being a normal, lazy college kid on a Saturday afternoon.  This commercial comes on.  It’s for Domino’s.  It’s about how they took some customers to a focus group to discuss Domino’s flagship product, pizza.  Someone mentioned the cheese.  Suddenly, the customers were alerted to the fact that they weren’t at some corporate building; they were in a temporary building, on a dairy farm.  One of the dairy farms that supplies the milk that goes directly into making the cheese that Domino’s uses.

This caught my attention.  I mean, how often does a major restaurant chain draw its ingredients all the way back to the source for the public?  This is fantastic reputation management for Domino’s Pizza, but is also a hat-tip to the hardworking men and women who supply the ingredients that go into your pizza.

It gets better.  This campaign, all about getting to know where Domino’s ingredients come from, actually has an interactive website devoted to it.  It isn’t just television commercials with heart-warming shots of happy dairy cows.  There’s an ONLINE GAME.  Domino’s Pizza encourages you to learn more about the farms where their ingredients come from, and give you rewards for doing so.  In fact, there are multiple farms mentioned specifically by name.  Mixed in with the interesting facts, explanations of ingredient-preparation processes, and chances to win coupons, there are GAMES.

GAMES.  That you PLAY.

So…we have interactivity, appreciation for farmers, and food that I personally love (probably too much). I wish more companies acknowledged that their ingredients come from real farmers and ranchers, on real farms and ranches, across the continent.

Whether this works as a good marketing campaign for Domino’s Pizza, I don’t know.  But as an agvocate and avid supporter of farmers and ranchers, this thing has me buzzing.  I’d love to see Domino’s Pizza include more of their ingredients in this campaign!  Our amazingly diverse agricultural system contributes to this company in so many ways!  Here’s hoping this idea catches on in the greater public, so that more and more people can realize that behind their pizza, pasta, hot wings, bread sticks, steak, or whatever else, there were hard-working men and women who pulled long hours to produce the product from the very start.

Thank you, Domino’s Pizza, for appreciating the farmers and ranchers who work tirelessly to provide your company (and your customers!) with safe, plentiful, and affordable ingredients.  And thank you to the farmers and ranchers, too!

Want to experience Domino’s Pizza’s “Behind the Pizza” project yourself?  Check it out here!  You can also see their normal business website here.


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