Taking a Break

Change is a natural part of life.  I find myself blogging about change fairly often.  I feel like my life is a constantly shifting maze, and just when I think I’ve figured out the path, things switch.  Never knowing what’s around the next corner can be scary, even terrifying.  Sometimes it’s exhilarating.

Well, a big change became official today.  As stated on Twitter earlier, Farmboy and I are no longer “Farmboy and I.”  While it was pretty out-of-the-blue, in the end it was a fairly mutual arrangement.  We split on good terms.  And while this time last week, I was expecting a diamond ring before I was expecting goodbyes, I don’t regret any of it.
The problem with this is that Farmboy was so deeply-rooted in Midwestern Gold, that I need to reassess my perspective and regain my footing.  This is a big change.  We spent six wonderful years together, and have agreed that we’ll still try and be the best friends we always have been.
So, there’s my dose of personal life on Midwestern Gold.
Midwestern Gold is NOT, I repeat, is NOT going anywhere.  Its author just needs some time to clear her head.  Thank you so much to everyone who reads this, and to everyone who’s offered so much support over Facebook, Twitter, and various other mediums.  The support, love, and encouragement has been valuable through all of this, and very much appreciated.

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