A Happy Accident

Seems like my life is made up of those. Then again, I’m realizing, that’s what life is: a series of “accidents” and “oopsies” that ultimately contribute to what we do, where we go, and who we become.

Right now, I’m living with my boss and his wife. It isn’t misforunate; I didn’t drop out of school or get kicked out of my house or the dorms. Nope. I’m here on an internship. This guy, Mark, is the President of a successful ad and PR agency in another state, which tends to focus on agriculture. Right up my alley. We met on Twitter because of the AgChat Foundation. We’ve worked together on some pretty interesting projects. So when Mark offered me and internship and I responded with, “Where will I live?” he said, “With us.”

First off, the kindness that he and his wife have showed me has been astounding. Good food, a huge comfy bed, a spot in the driveway for my car, good company, and just all-around hospitality. Not only has Mark provided me with a temporary home for a month, he’s providing an opportunity (that happened because of a comment in passing) to get real hands-on agency experience. That’s something I’ve never lived before. And you know what?

It’s great.

Last week’s #agchat was on mentoring, and reverse mentoring. While there, I find myself helping experienced advertising folks dip their feet into social media. I am by no means an expert, but I’m comfortable with it. I know it, and its constantly changing faces. So, I mentor others. And they mentor me.

So…thanks to this happy accident, I’m here. And I’m living, and learning, and loving it. What is the moral of the story? Don’t pass up those obscure, spur-of-the-moment opportunities. Don’t second-guess a chance because it seems “too perfect.” Don’t be afraid to fall down, because picking yourself up might mean you look up to see something better than the thing that almost broke you.

I’m learning that in multiple ways right now. Some lessons are harder to learn, but some need to be difficult to make full impact.

So, go out there, live those happy accidents. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “A Happy Accident

  1. Kelly, I agree with you that life is a series of “accidents” and it is what we make of them that matters….but I’ve also heard that good luck is created with hard work. I think you must work extremely hard to have all the excellent opportunities you have been offered.

    Congratulations on the internship and thanks for all you do for agvocacy. Keep up the great work and good luck will keep flowing your way. 🙂

    • Thanks, Debbie! I do work hard, or try to. I think my hard work has begun paying off, but it’s still hard to believe that all of this great stuff is happening to me. Thanks for the kind comment, and keep up your great work, both as a rancher and agvocate. You rock!

  2. Thanks for the inspiring thoughts, Kelly! Sometimes it’s important to take a good look at how fortunate we are for the things in life we didn’t necessarily plan on! Have a great week!!

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