New Year, New Outlook, New Layout

I know hasn’t been around that long; I know the old layout wasn’t really “stale” yet (although I caught plenty of flack over pink corn and the like). I know it wasn’t quite “time” to put up a new layout yet, but I got to thinking about what I want this blog to be. I got to wondering weather or not my layout reflected those goals. I then said, “Nope!” and got to working on a new look.

Initially, I was going to wait to launch it. I wanted to start formulating my ideas into something creatively tangible, before I forgot them. Then they got to a point where I was too excited to leave it as a “work in progress.” Then, I realized, what better time to launch a new look than right before the launch of a new year?

This blog is meant to by my “Internet home.” This is where I “belong.” It’s where I keep track of my musings and my revelations and realizations about day-to-day survival of this thing we call life. So, I made a layout that fit what I wanted out of my blog. I wanted it to feel like home. So, I put snapshots of my life in its various stages. Snapshots of things that have mattered to me or do matter or have influenced what I’ve grown into.

I’m a communicator and an agricultural advocate. I think this new layout gets that across well.

So, without further ado or any more rambling, welcome to the new look of Please feel free to leave positive, negative, or apathetic (haha) feedback as you deem fit. I’m curious to hear what people say.

Thanks, and take care!


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