A Simple Sundae

I wish I’d thought to have my camera going earlier. My parents are moving this week to our “farm” (which currently has no animals or agricultural buildings on it yet, but is adjacent to a cornfield we own) and to celebrate finally being in the new house, we threw a Sundae Party. We got a big group together (including a niece and nephew of mine) and enjoyed some ice cream and toppings tonight.

No, this isn’t a very insightful, moving, or deep. It is, however, sentimental. If you want to appreciate life, eat ice cream with a couple of kids under the age of 6. They’ll make you laugh and smile…and if you get grossed out by slime-covered children, you might gag a little. Either way, it’s all good and fun. We sat around and laughed and ate our ice cream and overall just enjoyed the company, and the relief of finally being in this new house.

Thank you, dairy farmers, for making this celebration possible. And I’m thankful for a rural lifestyle, for making moments like this a reality in my life. Instead of going to the nearest Cold Stone (30 miles away), we christened our new kitchen with laughter, strawberry sauce, and fond memories.

It’s been a good night.

This sentimental moment was brought to you by Kelly Marie Rivard.


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