SXSW Farmers and Fresh Starts

This time last week, I was wanting to pull my hair out.  Things have been hectic lately, and that is a fairly dramatic understatement.  However, the last few days have been a breath of fresh air after all the rushing and running of the previous weeks.

Yesterday, I got to watch an exciting live tweet stream regarding farmers at SXSW.  If you’re curious as to what that is, please regard this post about SXSW, my role in it, and what it means for the AgChat Foundation.  A large portion of the community rallied around the #agchat, #agnerd, and #sxsw hashtags on Twitter.  The turnout was fantastic, the enthusiasm was contagious, and the sharing was touching.  I sat, grinning ear to ear, thinking about how all of this started because of something I did, way far down the line.  I should thank several people as we discuss this, though.

  • Thank you to Ray Prock.  If it weren’t for him directing a writer from the Associated Press to talk to me, I might never had been invited to talk SXSW.
  • Thanks to Nathan T. Wright and Becky McCray for being the guiding light throughout the application and planning process.
  • Thank you to Mark Gale and Jeff Fowle for the last-minute work we did together on the application text.
  • Thanks to the AgChat Foundation volunteers who helped make sure that voting was a success.
  • Thank you to the fantastic panelists.  I don’t think we could have ended up with four better representatives of agriculture and the AgChat Foundation.  And thank you to our valiant moderator, who dove right in.  For more information regarding the farmers and moderator we sent to SXSW, check out this blog post on

So now, my SXSW story is drawing to a close.  What else is happening to make life a little less stressful?  Well, the term is ending.  I have finals this week, and while that sounds stressful, I prefer finals over the preceding academic weeks.  In a ten-week term, weeks 8, 9, and 10 are all pretty rapid-fire and draining for students.  They were incredibly so this term, because of a large quantity of projects being due at the same time.  Tack on meetings, two jobs, and volunteer work, and I was one busy Kelly.

So, in a good way, things are going downhill for me.  Spring break starts tomorrow afternoon and a new term, a fresh start, picks up after spring break.  I love fresh starts.


2 thoughts on “SXSW Farmers and Fresh Starts

    • Sorry for the delay in response; it’s been busy lately with finals, travel, and starting a new term! Whew. Thank you so much for all your support and guidance early on and your continued moral support throughout the entire process. You’re amazing, and I’m glad to be able to connect with you via social media!

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