It’s Poo Season!

The agricultural year is dictated by seasons.  There’s planting season, there’s harvesting season, there’s calving season, lambing season, farrowing season (in some cases).  The seasons are different in agriculture than in everyday life.  It’s much more complex than spring, summer, autumn, and winter.  Spring can be divided into several different mini-seasons, based on what crops or animals you raise.

Well, for a lot of farmers, it’s Poo Season.

What does that mean?

Well, for one, no farmers intentionally raise poo.  Poo is a by-product of other things…namely, animals.  It comes in many shapes and forms, but when mixed with water, it is a potent fertilizer.  It’s often used on pastures to enhance growth, but can be used to fertilize crop lands as well.  To learn more about the scientific uses of poo, please watch this video by Alabama dairy farmer Will Gilmer (Blog, Twitter, Website):

Now, poo season isn’t always in the spring.  Depending on climate and geographic location, it can be spread in the late fall or even winter.  Here in the midwest, though, poo season tends to happen in early-to-mid spring, before planting.  Yesterday, my good friend Mike Haley (Blog, Twitter, Facebook) kicked off his poo season, and celebrated it with a Wordless Wednesday post.  Mike and his wife Pam raise purebred Simmental cattle in addition to farming corn, soybeans, and wheat in Ohio.

Mike had the added pleasure of having his manure spreader break down during poo season.  This meant that Mike was able to celebrate poo season in a very up-close-and-personal way.

So you see, spring isn’t just “spring” on the farm!  There are many different facets to each season.  Each day, each week, each month brings different responsibilities and tasks that need attention.  Each micro-season represents a short era in every growing season.  So, while you enjoy the warm weather, sunshine, and spring showers, remember that somewhere there is a farmer up to his knees in “brown gold” to make sure that you have plenty of food, feed, fiber, and fuel!


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