What the AgChat Foundation Means to Me

The last two years of my life have flown by in a blurr.  In the mix of school, a social life, massive change, volunteering, and multiple jobs, who can blame me for sitting back and saying, “Wow.”  A lot has happened in two years.  One of the things that’s occurred over the last few years has been my immersion into the entities known as #AgChat and the AgChat Foundation.

Why talk about this today?  Well, today, #AgChat, the Tuesday night Twitter discussion, turns two years old.  In addition, the AgChat Foundation is celebrating its first birthday.  It’s a wonderful day to be a tweeting farmer, or even just a college kid with a love for agriculture.

For me, my involvement in the AgChat Foundation goes beyond the topical passions.  Almost two years ago I stumbled across farmers who tweet.  I wrote a freelance news article about those tweeting farmers.  I started participating in #AgChat.  My already-existent love for agriculture continued to grow.  My focus of study shifted slightly, from primarily graphics to a bit more of a communications-themed approach.  I started taking internships in agricultural communications.

For me, #AgChat and the AgChat Foundation aren’t just a resource.  They’re a passion.  And because of those entities, I know what I want to do with my life.  I went from being a lost college student to a focused young professional, because of the lessons, networking, and experiences gained through the Twitter discussion and my volunteer work with both the foundation and the Twitter chat.  Moreover, I’ve gained some amazing friends.

So, as I buckle down to finish this whirlwind adventure known as “college,” I’m thankful.  I’m thankful for #AgChat and AgChat Foundation.  I’m appreciative of the experiences I’ve gained because of them.  I feel gratitude for the wonderful people that have come into my life through these channels.  I’m grateful for the evolution I’ve personally experienced because of all of this.

Thank you, #AgChat and AgChat Foundation.  Happy Birthday, and may many more come your way!


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