Taking Time to Breathe

This post isn’t necessarily about agriculture, but it is about ag blogging. If you haven’t noticed, my last post is over a week old. For me, that’s a very stale post. I try to consistently keep up with posting multiple times a week. I work hard on this blog! Of course I ought to be consistent and take time to keep it up. Right?

Well, I found myself stressing out about what to write about. I found myself digging around for ideas. I had a few, but none of them “clicked.” It was really starting to wear on my mind, knowing this blog sat here without any TLC for so long. Then came a two-day school-related trip to Wisconsin, which I just returned from. I didn’t take my computer with, so I had plenty of time to think about the blogging I couldn’t do while I was away.

And honestly, I’ve been going about the whole “lack of content” thing all wrong. I let it get to me, which probably increased the writer’s block even more. I should have just rolled with the flow, instead of letting the stagnation become a source of stress. It’s okay to take a break, to take a little time to breathe. Instead of trying to force it on multiple occasions, I should have let my head clear and picked up where I left off.

This is an important lesson, not just in content generation but also in life. Sometimes we come to obstacles that leave us puzzled, bewildered, or frustrated. Instead of trying to plow through them with stubbornness, sometimes it takes some breathing room and finesse to really conquer the situation. Sometimes knowing when to give something a break is a good idea.

So, my short stint away from the blog may have been a little stressful, overall it held some valuable lessons for me. Who’d have thought a writer’s block could, in the end, equate to being the lesson of a post?


One thought on “Taking Time to Breathe

  1. Kelly, I totally agree with this post. I’ve been taking a leave of absence too to try to get moved and settled into the farm. I’ve been feeling horrible but I think it will be better.

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