My Boot Predicament

I’m getting ready for my cross-country drive to California in a few weeks. (Holy cow, it’s only a few weeks away! I might have just had a minor heart attack.) I’m packing, organizing myself, and attempting to do so without interrupting my last few weeks of school (too much). It’s a complicated process, interlaced with homework, multiple part-time jobs, and some meager attempts at a functional social life.

Long story short: AAAAHHHH!!!!


Driving 30-something hours to live in a (drastically) different state for the summer requires some planning. For one, I’ve never lived in a desert before. I have no idea how to dress for weather that warm. I have a feeling my first paycheck may be devoted to new hot-weather office clothing. Secondly, I have to try and pack light. For a chronic-packing-overkiller, that’s going to be hard. So, I’ve come to this decision:

I’m only take one, POSSIBLY two pairs of boots with me.

I mean, I’ll be where it’s hot. I won’t NEED boots. It’ll probably be too toasty for them anyways. I generally wear my boots with jeans, anyways. It’s going to be too hot for jeans. So, here is where I ask for you, the readers, to help me. Take this poll to help me decide which boots to take, if any.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. I will probably spend some time on various farms in the area.
  2. I hope to have a fairly interesting social life out there, which could call for classy footwear.

22 thoughts on “My Boot Predicament

  1. I voted twice, because you said you POSSIBLY could take two pairs. So I get to pick two. Because I said so. So there. Brown round toed and black square toed. Most versatile. Most practical. Boom.


  2. You’ll need some kind of boots if you’ll be on a farm or plan to ride a horse or something. If you’re going somewhere where they western dance, you’ll need a fancy pair of boots. Other than that, it’s sandals all the way! Have fun!

    • I have no idea if there will be any western dancing out there. I have no idea what the social scene is like in Sacramento, so I’m really sort of just packing up and hoping I bring what I need! Thank you!

  3. The brown round toes and the black square toes. I think the square toe makes the black ones “going out” worthy.

    Plus, by leaving your going out boots at home you have an excuse to buy another pair while you’re in Cali! lol

  4. I agree with Celeste and Crystal. Skirts and dresses with boots and the square toes are going out with the round toes as work boots.

    As a former Cali transplant this my advice on packing clothing wise. Pack light colors to start with, tons of sun glasses and lots of SPF of the highest degree and always make sure it’s sport so you don’t have to apply it every hour.

    Make sure things are totally skin tight and light fabrics. You will love cotton more after you get there than now! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you need anymore advice feel free to call or email or something. I’m super stoked for you!

    • I definitely have more dresses in my wardrobe than ever before, but I’m still nervous about wearing them. I’m new at this “girly” look that I’m working on!

      • I used to hate dresses, but now I really like them. I do have one that I like to wear with boots, but not much chance for that in MN. I’m one for a nice, classy pair of boots that can be dressed up or down and goes with anything.

      • I used to never wear dresses. Ever. I was more likely to wear sweatpants to school when I was in high school, than a skirt. Now I have several. However, I have HUGE calves…and because of that, all of my boots are generally short, between 8 and 10 inches. I just feel like the short boots don’t look as good with skirts as the taller uppers.

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