Cross-Country Chronicles: Perseverance 1

In case, you haven’t been following my obsessive, excited, enthusiastic tales regarding my summer internship in California and the 3-day drive it took to get me here, I’ll offer a brief catch-up course. In a nutshell, I am working in Sacramento for AdFarm for the summer. The major problem with that is that I generally tend to live in Illinois, so I loaded up my valuables and made a 3-day, 2,100-mile drive from Chicago to Sacramento.

I learned a lot of lessons on my intense cross-country trek. One of them was a refresher course on perseverance.

For the first day and a half of the trip, I was overjoyed. I drove through the rolling lands of western Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming. I witnessed agriculture in many ways, shapes, and forms. I saw five different easily-identifiable breeds of beef cattle along the way, and a lot of unidentifiable cattle that could have been one of several breeds or crosses. I saw beautiful waving wheat fields, gorgeous open skies, and a variety of interesting methods that you don’t see in Illinois. (No-till corn in wheat stubble? Yeah, they do that out west!)

Wyoming's sunset was about as pretty as a sunset could be. This picture does not do it justice.

In short, the first day and a half were wonderful.

Then I hit Utah. I spent all evening driving across Wyoming, anticipating a hotel room outside of Salt Lake City. I was ready for Utah. I wanted to get there and get some sleep. Through some minor planning adjustments, some moderate ego, and some major ignorance, I met my match in the Rockies in the dark of night. I’d been through Wyoming, driving in Utah after dark wouldn’t be that bad, right? Wrong. My good friend Darin Grimm (farmer, Kansas) actually listened to me hyperventilate as I hit the first patch of scary road.

I won’t go into detail, but the moral of the story is that I was scared to death. Getting to my hotel was one of the most relieving experiences of my life.

The view from my hotel room on the third morning. Pretty to look at, but terrifying to drive through!

Then, the next morning, I had to get up and conquer the other half of the Rockies. I didn’t want to do it. I was dreading it. I was distraught at the idea of getting back on the road and driving across the mountains…and, I didn’t even have much to look forward to between Salt Lake City and Sacramento. Just…stressful mountains, and boring deserts.

Well, it paid off. The mountains and the Utah salt flats on that second day were actually one of the more enjoyable parts of the drive. Passing the Great Salt Lake is hands down my favorite scenic point of the trip. This lesson doesn’t end here, though. There is more to this lesson in persistence. I have an enemy, you see. An enemy I had to conquer. This enemy has a name. Most people would call it…”Nevada.”

Look for Perseverance 2 shortly!

I took some time to dig my initials into the salt at the Bonneville Salt Flats at the border of Utah and Nevada.


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