As Sugarland would say…

I have had a long week.

It’s been one of those “it doesn’t rain, but it pours” moments in my life. In a matter of five days, I managed to face problems with my student loans, severe mystery pain, a trip to the ER, a fast-and-furious battle with food poisoning, a nosebleed, an asthma attack, and an (unintentionally) hurtful comment from someone I care a great deal about. I had to start on some pretty strong antibiotics, and I have a history of not enjoying them very much. Tack on the fact that this week is Gladiolus Festival (Glad Fest) in my hometown (which causes intense homesickness), and I’ve got myself one doozy of a sob story. (I should clarify that none of the various health complications are actually related to each other…I just like to think my body is spontaneously falling apart.)

Why, yes...that is, indeed, a massive capsule of amoxicillin.

Weeks like this happen. I can’t say I’m surprised. I told someone earlier this week that all the catastrophes were “God’s way of making sure I was distracted from Glad Fest.” Regardless of how or why all of these things happened, they did. I feel justified in feeling a little fried and worn down, but I can’t let it all get to me. If my recent escapades have taught me anything, it’s that sometimes you have to laugh at your own misfortune (or misadventure) and move on.

As Sugarland would say, “It happens.”

It Happens

The unmistakable truth is that sometimes horrible, unpleasant, unfair things happen to us. Some situations call for reaction. In many cases, though, the only option is to smile, laugh, and learn. I can’t really blame any of this week’s problems on anyone. So, rather than mope about my own misfortune, I’ll turn on some happy music, eat a little chocolate, and dance around until I’m done feeling sorry for myself.

(And in case you were wondering, my various physical ailments are taken care of.)

(Oh, and to prove what a tough chicka I am…I wore a skirt four out of five days this week. That would be a big deal for me on a normal week, let alone a week like this one!)


6 thoughts on “As Sugarland would say…

    • Thanks, Emily! I’m kind of over the “woe-is-me” stage of the week. It all happened, it’s all over. Time to enjoy the weekend and enjoy the time I have left here in Cali. Thanks for reading and commenting, darlin’!

  1. Glad to hear things are shaping up for ya! I must admit, when I’m feeling down my first course of action is usually retail therapy, lol. Like I need ANOTHER pair of shoes 🙂

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