15 Signs That You Grew Up in the Country

My last few posts have been pretty heavy in the serious stuff lately, so I decided it was time to lighten things up a bit. This blog is a somewhat manic blend of somewhat unrelated topics: internships, growing up, careers…and agriculture. So, of course, I have a little party inside of my head every time I can cross those things together. Without further ado, this is Kelly M. Rivard’s __ Signs That You Grew Up in the Country.

1. When supper was ready in the summertime, instead of calling the neighbor whose house you were playing at, your parents summoned you with a loud whistle, or even a dinner bell.

2. Instead of going to the city park, you ran around the pastures.

3. Instead of a swimming pool, you had a garden hose and a livestock tank.

4. An antique tractor was a multipurpose recreational vehicle.

My dad's H was also a sled-tow implement. Andy is in front, then Kim. The little one is me, and the my oldest brother Matt.

5. A trip to the flea market was an exciting family outing.

6. Your playmates included ragtag farm dogs, rough-in-tumble barn cats, and friendly bottle calves.

One half of the Rivard rascals in the pasture with some of our bottle calves.

7. Highschool boys had a better chance of impressing the ladies with a pickup truck than a sports car.

8. The county fair isn’t just a week where people show livestock and eat fried food…it is a vacation, a holiday, a competition, and a tradition.

9. Corn isn’t “just corn” and you could identify the difference between popcorn, field corn, and sweetcorn.

10. Other kids your age memorized nursery rhymes, and you were busy learning the 4-H motto.

11. A bonfire is the best way to spend a Friday night.

12. When other kids are worried about buying tickets to the water park, your summer fun purchase is a fishing license.

And when it's unseasonably cold and rainy, you wear several layers of your step-father's clothing.

14. Instead of bright city lights and a fast-paced schedule, your youth’s most memorable nights were spent under the stars, to the sound of crickets.

15. Your high school had one hallway and you knew everyone in your graduating class.

Growing up in rural America is a fantastic upbringing. I feel blessed with the experiences and people that have touched my life because of this special, country-style childhood. So tell me, what would you add to this list?


9 thoughts on “15 Signs That You Grew Up in the Country

  1. In order to find a place to hang out on Friday nights, all you needed to do was drive a mile in any direction and climb up onto the top of a haystack. (bonfires strictly prohibited in such a location, though!)


    Anyone who lived within 3 miles of you was considered a neighbor.

  2. Or…your high school had 2 hallways…because K-12 all went to school in the same building! And your brother graduated with 9 kids in his class!

    Another fun thing about tiny schools…I could walk down the hallway where the frames of the graduating classes were and find my grandfather, great uncles/aunts, father, uncles, aunt, myself and my brother! I can’t wait to show my daughter that one day! Pretty darn special.

      • Yep! We had a teacher in junior high who, on the first day of school, would tell each of us which parents/aunts/uncles/etc he’d taught when they were in junior high.

        He also made sure we knew that he would not hesitate to contact them and let them know if we misbehaved. (Another thing about small towns, you can’t get away with much, because everyone knows your parents!)

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