A “new look,” a “thank you,” and other stuff

Officially, as of today, KellyMRivard.com is now rocking a new autumn look! Since summer wheat has been gone in Illinois for months, I figured it was time to go to something a bit more seasonally appropriate. Since pumpkins are the #1 specialty crop in Illinois, and I’ve developed a newfound obsession around pumpkins, I decided that I wanted to highlight this great crop in my layout. (I even wrote a post about pumpkins recently!)

Speaking of pumpkins...Friday night, my sister and some of her friends had a pumpkin-carving extravaganza at my parents' place back home. My mom sent me this picture to show me the mediocre results. I'm glad they had fun, and my sister brought me some roasted pumpkin seeds as a treat!

Knowing I wanted to do a redesign, I sent a call out to my Twitter pals to see if anyone had some good pumpkin photography. I was not disappointed. Allison Finnamore of eastern Canada had a few fantastic shots to share, which were high resolution and absolutely perfect for what I had in mind. Thank you kindly, Allison, for your artistic contribution and your gracious offering of the photography. Allison can be found on Twitter here. Allison is an engaged, well-informed and enthusiastic member of the North American agriculture community, I highly recommend following her if you are on Twitter.

World Food Day and Giveaway Stuff

On another note, I’ve gotten a few entries for my World Food Day giveaway. The prize is a handmade necklace and earring set, and the entry process is to comment sharing your World Food Day thoughts. I’ve never done a giveaway before, but I get the vibe that you generally want more than three entries. I’m taking entries up through next Friday. If you like jewelry and discussing the world food situation, please check it out and leave your thoughts. What have you got to lose?

Since today is World Food Day, I hope that everyone is taking some time to consider the value of our food resources.

School Stuff

It’s the middle of the term, which means midterms have reared their ugly head. I’ve already taken and seen my grade for my 2-D Design midterm (94%!), and have a monster of a test on Wednesday that accounts for a very, very large chunk of my Communication Law class. I’m hoping to get in all the studying I need to do AND keep up with my social media engagement, but there’s a chance I’ll be non-existent until after midterms.

On the bright side, our school is having a GREAT football season. Our team is so good that the games aren't even that fun to watch anymore, they're so predictable. However, we have a very fun, engaging, active mascot to entertain us! Hi there, Chippy Cardinal!

#Agvodate Stuff

I’m going to try and make a return to #Agvodate this week to host a chat about dating city-slickers. I’m starting to build up some interesting experience in this realm these days, and am looking forward to seeing what the other members of the community have to say! If you have ever dated someone from an urban or suburban setting, or if you’re a city slicker looking to add input, please join us on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. (Central!) on Twitter using the #agvodate hashtag. (I’m hoping that after almost 10 hours of class and work, I won’t fall asleep at my computer on Tuesday night…)

Agvocacy and USFRA Stuff

There is some interesting dialogue going on on the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance Facebook fan page. While I disagree with a lot of what is being said, I would love to see this page become a platform for open-minded, peaceful, and constructive conversation about agriculture. I highly encourage everyone to check it out, with one caveat: if you choose to join the conversation, please do so in a respective, cooperative, and empathetic manner. The opportunity for these conversations is much too good to be wasting it with anger and arguments.

AgChat and Video Stuff

I recently stepped up as the head of the AgChat Foundation’s YouTube initiatives. This means that as we develop our plan to get the channel back up and running, I’ll be calling on the community for video contributions. If anyone is interested in offering up some video resources, please let me know via comments or shoot me an email at kelly.m.rivard (at) gmail dot com. Again, what have you got to lose?

That’s all the Stuff…

I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I know this is a miscellaneous hodge-podge of strange, random updates, but I wanted to get all of this up and out! With that said, I’m going to enjoy a snack of the cinnamon-sugar pumpkin seeds that my sister brought me at college yesterday, and get down to business with homework and studying. I wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy, bountiful, and fun week!


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