Merry Christmas!

2011 has been an exciting, stressful, terrifying, magical, turbulent, uplifting, scary, difficult, and amazing year. While life continues to change and shift and become bigger, more challenging, and more exhilarating, I look forward to it all with a smile, a brave spirit, and a sense of humor. After all, if 2011 has shown me anything, it is that I am capable of anything, because I am blessed with fantastic people who prove to me once and again that I can.

Speaking of a “sense of humor,” my family has one. Lately, my cousins who host Christmas Eve for my stepfather’s side of the family have declared themes for each year’s gathering. A year or two ago was an Ugly Sweater party. This year, it was a hat party.

Due to my predisposition to buy quirky hats, and my crafty impulses to buy battery powered strings of LED lights…….

Yes. I am wearing a hot-pink-and-tiger-stripe Santa hat (which glows) and my sister is wearing a sombrero with a light-up sign.

………….we won.

Feliz Navidad, everyone! May 2011 end on high notes for all of you, may Christmas be blessed, merry, safe, and comfortable, and may 2012 bring adventure and prosperity!


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