Social Media has caused some interesting “first experiences…”

2011 has been a year of firsts for me. When I think about those firsts, I realize that most of them happened because of social media. Before Twitter, I was a pretty sheltered little country girl. So here’s a list of “firsts” I had this year because of social media (italic text is added after publication, due to things I’ve forgotten and have been reminded of by friends):

  • First sushi
  • First cross-country road trip
  • First time working in a large city
  • First time working in a high-rise
  • First time having room service
  • First business trip
  • First sangria
  • First time eating tapas
  • First time taking the bus (except, of course, the school bus)
  • First trip to Nashville, TN
  • First time flying without a “chaperone”
  • First time driving in downtown Chicago (or any major city, for that matter)
  • First bacon-wrapped shrimp (this should be a regular part of my life, and it isn’t…)
  • First time in an almond orchard
  • First time at a dairy auction
  • First trip to World Dairy Expo
  • First trip to Madison, WI
  • First time going to the University of Illinois
  • First Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow meeting
  • First subway ride
  • First semi-blind date (kind of…we had known each other online, just hadn’t met in person)
  • First #Agvodate
  • First calamari
  • First time driving in the mountains
  • First trip to/through Iowa
  • …and  Nebraska
  • …and Wyoming
  • …and Utah
  • …and Nevada
  • First baseball game in Busch Stadium (it was so overwhelming! Wrigley Field will always be “home” to me)
  • First realization that I could make a life for myself outside of Illinois
  • First taste of what true independence is like
  • First glimpses of what life can be like when you take control
  • First face-to-face meetings with many, many wonderful friends
  • First time having my ’04 Pontiac Grand Am valet parked (thanks, Katie)
  • First time oversleeping while on a business trip (again, thanks Katie…no, really, thank you for reminding me of that HORRIBLY embarrassing experience!)
  • First time sitting poolside in full-length jeans in 108-degree dry heat in southern California (Katie again!)

Isn’t social media awesome, guys?


8 thoughts on “Social Media has caused some interesting “first experiences…”

    • I had my car valeted in Chicago and I DIDN’T feel like a nervous wreck handing my ’04 Grand Am over to a stranger. Thank you for that valuable life experience, Katie!

      I’m going to be adding these to the list. You were a part of a lot of these!

    • You’re right, Mike. It’s not necessarily the things I’ve done that have made all of this possible or changed me, but the amazing people I’ve met along the way that have made it all possible. As for what’s next…I have some ideas, but the world is a big wide, scary place. I do know that every job I’m pursuing takes me out of Illinois.

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