I’m alive. Just busy.

Dear Readers,

I love you.

This is a post to say I’m still here.

I’m just juggling this horrible cocktail of the back-to-school-blues and a nasty respiratory infection. I’m in that intermediary stage where I’m move in and trying to adjust, but just can’t get the right rhythm yet.

I was supposed to kick off day 1 of my new running schedule today and I did not. I took a nap instead. Because running doesn’t make much sense if you can hardly breathe. And I think I was running a fever.

I’m going to go do homework until I fall asleep. G’night.

— The Sleep-Deprived College Senior


I forgot my shower supplies at home. I had to run to Walgreens to buy more. Instead of buying fancy shampoo, I bought Mane ‘n’ Tail. All my horse friends use it on themselves and their equine companions. I’m giving it a try.


G’night for real now. 


2 thoughts on “I’m alive. Just busy.

  1. I love that fact that you got Mane and Tail! Since I have jerseys and they’re easier to clean I use that shampoo for my cows too 🙂 I hope you get better and get into the groove of your new semester.

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