So, I may or may not be part Smurf.

I have this thing, it’s called a “Leap List.” To learn about its conception, see this post. To see a fully-updated and constantly in-progress version of the List, check it out here. The whole idea behind the Leap List is to take advantage of the time I have left in my current stage of life (in my case, college). Because, after college, I plan to move away and become a professional, there will be things that just won’t be an option anymore…like irresponsible college student things, and activities that I can only do in this geographical area.

The first thing I crossed off the List?

Dying my hair an unnatural color.

In the past, I’ve had pink hair, and purple extensions. I’ve also been several different shades of ginger, some ghastly variations of platinum blonde, and a few different awkward versions of strawberry blonde that weren’t meant to be strawberry blonde. While not EVERY color is properly represented, I DID make an album devoted to my previous hair adventures, here.

It was a tricky process. My hair was “in between colors” because I had let the bright auburn it had been before, fade out to a strawberry blonde. Professional beauticians can tell I’m a serial box-dyer from a mile away. So, in addition to adding the “pop” of color I was looking for, I also had to touch up the part of my hair that would NOT be turning blue.

I won’t bore you all with the process, but the entire adventure was a massive source of entertainment for my roommate and I. The first picture I took of the hair was bad; my lighting in the suite was awful, my camera doesn’t always pick up color well in artificial light, and it my hair was still half-wet. For that reason, it looks borderline green.

I'm not sure what bothers me more: the bad color or the fact that I'm not wearing makeup. However, this picture gives the idea of the effect if gives when down.

A different lighting allows for a better look at the color. I actually used the color wheel to pick the two colors. Does that mean I’m a complete graphics geek? Maybe. I wanted to get the most bang for my buck (in this case, vibrance) so I chose an auburn and a blue that were almost complementary to each other.

Here's some better color reference. I was going to be early for yoga so I decided to waste a few minutes trying to get pictures of my hair!

My hair looks a little weird was because my roommate and I got a little hairspray-happy trying to get all of my layers into the bun. This is what the blue looked like twisted back and into an asymmetrical bun.

One of the fringe benefits to dying my hair is that I'm excited to try new styles with it to see how the blue plays into it. Here's a front shot of my side-bun featured above!

The blue will fade and ultimately be replaced with a modest, low-key shade of brunette. I’m okay with that. It’s already lost some of its vibrance. But, until then, I’m going to rock it loud and proud. It’s a banner of my youth, and what’s left of the flexibility and freedom that college provides me!


2 thoughts on “So, I may or may not be part Smurf.

    • You have gorgeous reddish hair, though. My natural color is kind of an unremarkable…something or other. And every time I go to the salon and “match my roots!” it’s a different shade of brown, some more red and some more of a mousy, dull, dirty-dishwater-blonde-color. I’m going to try and quit my serial-dying habits after graduation, though. So, don’t consider me brave…consider me a victim 😉 Thanks, Brandi!

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