#Agvodate, Cow Uteri, Fiberglass Chicken, Crow’s Feet, Vicodin

I’ve been out for the count most of the week. After a very hectic weekend, I didn’t feel up to organizing my thoughts into word form on Monday or Tuesday. Early Wednesday morning, I had a fun little trip to the E.R. that resulted in a strange combination of vicodin, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics. I won’t give you all the details, but needless to say the last few days have been…interesting. Vicodin does weird things to the human brain.

So, instead of trying to collect the mushy, gooey, delirium-soaked mess of thoughts that have come across my mind in the last several days…I’ll just share some random tidbits.

People are awesome.

While I’ve been known to toss out phrases like “People make me ragey,” I should also clarify that the human condition and human nature never cease to amaze me. One such case is Tiffany Marx, who some of you may know as @rickreallfarmer. Life handed me a few surprises that made it hard to even think about Valentine’s Day and #Agvodate. She went over and above to gather fantastic giveaway prizes to hand out during the chat. She’s great, and our first Valentine’s #Agvodate was a massive success because of her!

My Twitter friends know just how to cheer me up.

I’ve mentioned Ryan Goodman on here in the past. He’s a pretty awesome dude. I think my loud, outgoing nature gives him shell-shock from time to time. Anyways, Ryan is in grad school studying cattle reproduction. I’m getting my bachelor’s in “Interactive Media,” he’s getting his master’s in “cow uterus.” I think it’s cool, because he learns about fascinating things that he then turns around and shares with the rest of us. (I still have a fascination with animal reproduction from all those years studying how rabbits multiply.)

Anyway, there’s been a deficit of ag in my life these days, and jokingly I told Ryan I needed another lecture on cow uteri from him to help fill my farm-related quota for a while. He told me that I’d LOVE his blog post for today. I did. You can read it here.

I have crow’s feet.

I noticed it the other day when I was putting on makeup. I mean, I could take this a few ways…I’m getting old. (That’s a joke. I’m 21. I hope to live 3-4 times as long as this.) It’s better than frown lines, though. I chalk it up with a mildly-conceited resolve that the reason I have crow’s feet is because I laugh and smile a lot, despite the fact that life has handed my some less-than-ideal cards. If I can keep smiling and laughing despite storm clouds and rain, then I reckon I’ll be just fine with some crinkles by my eyes.

I am NOT ready to start buying wrinkle cream, though…

I received life advice on Twitter today…from a fiberglass chicken.

I tweeted about my crow’s feet. And…well…a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here ya go:

@SnappyCHICKEN is apparently a fiberglass chicken that travels around helping business promote their product and services. You know those giant fiberglass cows, chickens, bison, etc. that show up in front of a restaurant advertising “ALL YOU CAN EAT ____”? That’s apparently what Snappy Chicken is. And he’s a witty chicken.

My sister and I have the best text conversations.

It would take too long to explain the context, but I just sent her a text message that said, “Is that a drunk polar bear baby?” Questions like this are not that unusual between us.

I’m homesick for a place I’ve never been before.

Several of my #Agvodate friends are meeting up in Stillwater this weekend. Financial constraints meant that I could not join them and I just read my first tweet relating to it. I’m more than a little green with jealousy. On the bright side, I have a Netflix subscription. It’s probably for the best; traveling on vicodin without supervision is generally frowned-upon and borderline dangerous.

Have a lovely weekend!

Here’s hoping I’ll be back to writing coherent, timely, relevant blog posts.


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