Hiatus and Updates

This term is BUSY. My entire possibility of graduating hinges on the classes I will finish in the next two weeks, and the classes I’ll begin after spring break. Long story short, the pressure’s on.

This last weekend has been nothing short of amazing. I went into Chicago for an UNconference on community management, hosted at the Google office and organized by some major social media superstars. I was the unofficial agriculture liaison, or so I like to think. I tried my hardest to represent the hard-working and diverse world of agriculture, and it was a wonderful experience. Thanks so much to everyone that I met and the wonderful folks who put it on. (I’m hoping to get my thoughts organized some day down the road and write in-depth about this experience.)

The next few weeks are crunch time for the term. I have several major projects and papers to divide my time between, the first due tomorrow, with several coming up before the beautiful mercy of Spring Break is upon me.

The tally goes as such:

  • 1 energy drink label design
  • 1 30-second text animation representing a conversation from Iron Man 2
  • 1 poster representing each letter of the alphabet with unique typographical treatment
  • 1 “metajournal” chronicling everything I learned in my Interpersonal Communications class
  • 1 paper comparing two foreign films from different time periods
  • 1 video portfolio DVD
  • 1 paper analyzing a role play skit that I did earlier today
  • 2 written finals
  • No sleep

I’m sure the actual, real outlook is nowhere near as bleak as I think it is right now. I have faith in my ability to make all of this happen, it’s just that looking at it all at once is mildly terrifying.

On the bright side, if/when I get time, I get to wrote a post about the FANTASTIC experiences I had as the token farmgirl at the UNconference on Friday. Until that happens, though, this blog is taking a nap. And I’m envious of it.

I need a nap.


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