Going PINK for @lttlewys and #bewbluv

I’ve been very vocal on social media about cancer lately. Thanks to social media, I’ve been able to raise almost $1,200 for the American Cancer Society through my school’s Relay for Life event. (Our event is on Friday, so if you want to make a last-minute donation, you can do so here.) From my own cancer scare, to experiencing loss because of cancer, to knowing some amazing people who have survived, cancer has had a big impact on my life.

Today, it’s knocking on my door again. If you’re reading this when it’s new and fresh, then this very minute, my good friend Brandie McCallum is in surgery to address breast cancer that was found recently. It’s the start of a long road, and seeing someone so full of life and light as her go through this is a huge reality check.

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and Twitter might have noticed a “pinkification” take place last night. My Facebook cover photo turned pink. My Facebook avatar is say “I ❤ ( . Y . )” (no shame or regrets about having that on my Facebook or my blog!) and my Twitter account boasts #bewbluv on the avatar and a new fancy pink background. It’s a show of support for Brandie, who has served as such a bright ray of sunshine to so many in the social media community and beyond.

To know Brandie is to love Brandie, and I want the world to know that an awesome person she is. I’m still counting the numbers of Twitter and Facebook users who have suddenly “gone pink” for Brandie. Cover photos and avatars and Twitter backgrounds (and images on other platforms, as well!) are all showing love for Brandie. Will you join us?

Please, today, tweet #bewbluv to show support for Brandie and all those who have and will be impacted by breast cancer. Consider going pink for Brandie and others who have been touched by breast cancer. It only takes moments to show support but each tweet, status update, and pinked picture is a show of support for those who has fought breast cancer, as well as their loved ones.

Want to show your support?

You can add the Twibbon here or use the avatar that Mike Haley designed, below. (This is the one I’m featuring on Facbeook right now!)

Also be sure to tweet #bewbluv with encouragement and support for Brandie and others who currently deal with breast cancer.

Cancer can’t impact any of us. It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t pick and choose people. It happens, and can totally turn our worlds upside down. When I walked my first Relay for Life at North Central College, I was in the middle of a very long series of testing to find if I had a brain tumor. Now, as I prepare to walk my final Relay here at North Central, I am watching this brave, vivacious, loving, nurturing, compassionate woman begin her battle.

Let us band together and show our love. Brandie, and the many, many other women who have faced this obstacle, deserve it.

UPDATE: 7 hours after starting the #bewbluv flood, we are still going strong. The hashtag has trended in a few North American cities and in Japan. I have never been personally involved in such a strong representation of the human spirit in digital media. I am absolutely moved by it. Brandie is out of surgery, recovering nicely, and will be heading home later this evening. I am touched by the outreach of support that people have offered today, and am honored to be acquainted with so many of these fantastic people.

We are Team Brandie and we have #bewbluv.


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