Just Farmers, College, Dogs, and More

Right now, the pressure is on. I’m facing down my future as a professional agricultural communicator, which I’m so excited about. I’m also preparing to relocate, take on an entirely new lifestyle, and start the next stage of my life. It’s amazing that after so much time, so many blog posts about preparing for graduation, and so many internships to prepare for “real life,” it’s almost here. So, the pressure’s on.

I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. And even as I sit here writing this post, there’s a million other ideas of things I’d love to chase down and wrangle into a comprehensive post. I have an AgNerd Design 101 post sitting behind the scenes, 2/3 of the way written. But, I need to focus on keeping a balance between what’s most important, what has the most potential, and what I enjoy the most.

Relay for Life was Friday night. My grand total for fundraising was $1,260. I think it might have been a school record, but I wasn’t paying that much attention to titles and numbers. It was a fantastic night, and MAYBE I’ll blog about it when I have time…if I have time. KellyMRivard.com isn’t a priority right now. I’d love to say it was just because of college, but honestly, there are other more exciting projects that call more of my attention.

One of them is Just Farmers. I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with Jeff, Mike, and Ray for a while now. They were some of the first people who befriended me on Twitter. When Just Farmers saw some early success, we discussed some branding options. I’m honored to be an active member of their efforts through graphic design. I’ve also done some writing for them about community management, with more posts in the wings on digital communications and agriculture. We are setting aside some time to focus on a blog redesign, too. It’s time for a great new look!

I’m also trying to knock off more of my Leap List. Some of the items have come and gone. I missed out on seeing Trampled By Turtles in Chicago because of logistical issues, but I ended up spending some time with some great members of my campus community that night instead. I’ve visited friends at different schools, I’ve spent time with family, I’ve even adopted a dog.

Yes. A dog. She’s a 10-pound petite little thing, a longhair miniature Dachshund. She’s a little timid, but I look forward to making a home with her in a new city. She’s my family. And I’m thrilled to be a new dog mommy.

And this is Rory Rue Rivard!

The long-story-short of all of this is that I’m swamped. I’m busy living life, so I haven’t had as much time or motivation to write about living it. I’m not saying that I won’t be blogging at all in the next month. (As of today, I am 38 days away from graduation!) I am saying that if you don’t see or hear much from me, not to worry. I’m always available via email (kelly.m.rivard AT gmail dot com) and can be found on Skype, kellyfoo6937. There’s also Facebook and Twitter.

I mean, you MIGHT see a post or two from me before graduation…but, this post is a quick thank you/see ya later in case that doesn’t happen!


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