Fringe benefits of social media…like a job. And free boots!

My last post was over three and a half weeks ago. Wow. That’s a long time. It’s because I’ve been busy living real life; sometimes, life goes so fast that you don’t have time or energy to document it. That’s the nature of social media: the thing we often write about and share online, will often keep us from the venues through which we share it.

I only have a week and a half left as a college student. That’s big enough news. (Also, can I take a moment to thank my awesome friends and family for a few early graduation/birthday gifts?)

This “Guy on a Buffalo” shirt was a graduation gift from my good friend Ty LeGarde over at Cowdog Blog. It says “PUNCH THAT COUGAR IN THE FACE.” I like to think the cougar is metaphorical for obstacles in life.

This BEAUTIFUL handmade jewelry box was care of Mike Davelaar, who I got to know through his involvement with The Truth About Agriculture and other agvocacy projects. It’s a one-of-a-kind, unique, beautiful gift. It also came with a very touching letter about the origins of the wood he chose for it.

And my absolutely fantastic family member bought me a….drumroll please…iPhone 4. And I am in love with it. And forever indebted to them for bringing this wonderful technological masterpiece into my life.

But there’s more.

Most of you probably already know this, but I’m sharing it here anyways.

I accepted a job for after graduation. In Kansas City. As in, that city on the border of northwestern Missouri, with some of it leaking over into Kansas. I’ll be joining AdFarm in their Kansas City, MO office as their Social Media Coordinator. AdFarm is an advertising and communications agency that services only agricultural clients. They have six offices across North America. My job will involve a lot of cat-herding, content generation, community management, and other fun stuff that I am incredibly excited about. (It’s almost 500 miles from my hometown and 450 from my Mama and stepdad’s house…but, hey, who’s counting?)

I was due to start on June 25th, but because of my apartment not opening up until July 7th, we delayed my start by two weeks. I’ll be heading to Kansas City on July 6th with my mama, my oldest brother, my dog, and a trailer of my belongings. I’ll move into my apartment in downtown KC on July 7th. I’ll start my new gig as a full-time AdFarmer on July 9th. Exactly one month after I walk across the stage at North Central College to accept my diploma and fist-bump our illustrious and endearing college president Hal Wilde, I will be kicking off my new life as a Kansas City-dwelling advertising professional.

Talk about some change. And in case you don’t know the story, this is all because of social media. I got this offer from AdFarm because I freelanced for them for several months. I freelanced for them because I interned for them in their Sacramento, CA office. I interned for them because I got recruited by former AdFarmer and current North Dakota Department of Agriculture communications whiz Katie Pinke and current AdFarm digital genius, Josh Lysne. I met Katie on social media, and I met Josh at a conference about social media.

Additionally, it helped that I had a good resume built up of…surprise surprise, FANTASTIC internships and freelance jobs I obtained because of social media.

My last day as the AdFarm Sacramento intern, I wrote a “new intern” on the office shopping list. This was my supervisor/gracious California host’s response. I’m looking forward to being an AdFarmer again…although, to be fair, I never exactly “left” all the way. (By the way, seeing that written on the board made be burst into tears.)

I got a dream job, because of Twitter. So even as the last few weeks of college have been spent in a constant state of “on,” I can look forward to a month of relaxation and recovery, then an exciting new start in a new city with new experiences. Oh, and I already have some pretty amazing friends there. You know, because of social media.

Going to AdFarm, in a way, feels like I’m going “home.” I don’t know what it is, but something just felt “right” about it. I wanted to leave my comfort zone, and Kansas City and AdFarm feel like what I need in my life right now. New, exciting experiences and learning opportunities, with a fantastic support system already.

Also, this is made in Kansas City. And any city that makes beer this good is a winner in my book.

Today I’m celebrating another fringe benefit of social media: apparently, another boot retailer thinks I’m worthy of sharing the good word on the products they sell. Country Outfitters approached me over the winter to review a pair of Justin boots, and I thought that was an amazing one-time experience. I was mistake. Today, I received a pair of brand new, beautifully-made Shyanne boots from Boot Barn. Thanks to Rachel, the lady who runs their social communities and digital presence. She was even nice enough to include a free package of beef jerky; considering I hadn’t eaten in something like 18 hours (homework tends to distract me from things like eating and sleeping), the hunger shakes were setting in and that beef jerky was the perfect kick of protein to get me back on course.

Aren’t they beautiful? I’ll be wearing them across the stage to accept my diploma on June 9th. They’re Shyanne Butterfly Inlays. The inlays are an adorable, soft peachy-pink.

As amazing as it is for this free boot lightning to strike me TWICE, this one has an add-on that’s even more exciting. Boot Barn is giving me a pair to give away on my blog.

I’ll be writing a blog post about these boots very soon, and will include information on how YOU, yes, YOU can win a free pair of women’s Shyanne boots. (If pink and brown isn’t your thing, never fear! There are several styles to pick from in this giveaway!) So far, after wearing them for about ten hours to walk around campus, I am in love with them. I’m excited to write a more in-depth post about these little works of foot-protecting art. And I’m glad that I’ll be walking into the next stage of my existence in these beautiful kicks. So, stay tuned: you could be the lucky gal who wins some of your own! (Or, if you’re a gentleman, you could try to win them for a special lady in your life!)

Social media has brought some pretty great people and experiences into my life. I’ve done a lot of comfort zone breaking because of social media. I’ve had some fantastic first experiences because of it. And now I’m starting a new chapter of my life…with some absolutely fantastic new boots.


8 thoughts on “Fringe benefits of social media…like a job. And free boots!

  1. You’ll make it Kelly!! Once you graduate, it’s all 110% worth it. πŸ™‚ Plus, you now have cute boots to face your next adventure in!

    • Thanks so much Kelsey! I like to tell other ladies that the right pair of shoes (or boots) can boost your confidence. It’s helped a few friends get that added mojo for presentations and speeches! I think these ones definitely have the confidence-boosting factor I need to face the new challenges coming up!

      Thanks for reading and responding! And congrats on your recent rabbit wins with those gorgeous Havanas!

  2. You are amazing, and deserve amazing things, Kelly dear. I will definitely visit you in KC sometime, as I have lots of people their that I tend to love. Now one more! I am so excited for you to start this new part of your life. It is just beginning! Amazing, huh? And the best part is, you and only you get to determine your path. You will have successes, and you will falter, but it will be a learning experience along the way. One worth a beautiful lifetime….. ❀

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I can always count on you for a kind word of encouragement and a smile. You’ve been such a strong source of positive energy in my life, and I’m sincerely thankful to have you as a member of my growing social media family! Let me know when you’re around KC, and we’ll have us a good ol’ time. It’s about time we met.

      Thank you, as always, for the wonderful words and support, my friend.

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