And the winner is…

I know all of you have probably been sitting at your computers all day, anxiously awaiting the announcement of who won.  (I hope no one did that. And if you win, and I found out you DID, I will revoke your boots and give them to someone with a significantly less worrying boot addiction.) I apologize for the wait; I had expected to pre-write this post but graduation day was a blur and family obligations today have left me playing catch-up. So here we are!

I’ve been excited to announce this, and without further ado, the winner of a free pair of women’s Shyanne boots from Boot Barn is…

Actually, hang on a minute. I should probably talk about the big day that these boots helped me celebrate! You see, yesterday I graduated from college.

Waiting to the procession into the ceremony.

And I did it on time. I overcame stress, heartbreak, health complications, uncertainty, loss, and much more in those four years. I spent the first two and a half unhappy with my school. I had the rug pulled out from under me a few times. I lost friends, boyfriends, and faced some of pretty enormous personal struggles. I was once told that I was an anomaly; people in some of the situations I’ve faced often drop out of higher education, or have to take an extended break.

Pre-graduation, one of the last pictures taken of me as a college student!

I powered through. I survived, and I did it with a GPA that is just .55 away from Honors (so close, yet so far away) and while working anywhere from 10 to 35 hours a week. I didn’t do it alone; far from it. I had some of the best friends and the most extensive, diverse, committed support base a girl could ask for.

I used to “hate” North Central College. I hated it so much that I considered transferring. It’s funny how that changed so quickly, once I stopped focusing on others and really started to do things for my well-being and happiness. While I still maintain that I’m thrilled to be done with college, it’s a very bittersweet excitement. My senior year has been a roller coaster, but when I think of it, what comes to mind are mental movie clips and photographs of some pretty amazing memories with people who changed my life, friends met both online and off. North Central College was a better home than I deserved and the canvas upon which I painted many absolutely beautiful memories.

And let’s not forget internships. Those things have a way of opening up opportunities, and opening up your mind. I could write a fully-fledged memoir of life-changing internship experiences. Instead, I’ll just say that college was a richer, more fulfilling experience because of them.

But, I’m Kelly the Intern no more. Now, I’m Kelly the Graduate. And soon, I’ll be Kelly the Social Media Coordinator of AdFarm.

The first picture of me, post-graduation!

I walked across a stage yesterday, in front of thousands of people. I accepted my degree. I said “see ya later” (but not goodbye) to a school with which I had the most polarized love-hate relationship that could ever exist. And I did it in fabulous boots. Boots made for confidence, style, and empowerment. Many women have these shoes. For most, it’s that pair of heels…the ones you can wear to a bar, a business meeting, or any special occasion and feel like you “own” it. For me, it’s these boots.

To me, the boots symbolized my roots and my future, merging. My slow-paced rural upbringing, carrying me across that stage to a promising future in an urban area with a fast-paced career and a blazing-bright future.

I of course had to tweet a picture and post it on Facebook as soon as I got out of the ceremony. And yes, I did tweet a few times during graduation.

And now, I have the pleasure of giving away a pair.

So, really, this time, without further ado, the winner of the boots (according to randomized selection by is…Tiffany Marx. Congrats, Tiffany! I’ll be contacting you about how to arrange for your free Shyanne boots from Boot Barn!


2 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. All that praying to the boot gods must have worked! I have to say, even though we haven’t met IRL, you are by far the brightest, most kind, dynamic young woman I have met in a long time. I am so very happy for you! What a honor it had been to speak with you and be a part of your journey.

    Also, as a city girl gone country, I am beyond happy to get my very first pair of real boots!!! I haven’t been able to take the plunge yet, and getting them in a contest from such a wonderful person makes it so much better!

    Hug and loves

    • Tiffany, you are MUCH too kind. I’m so excited to help you get crackin’ on that boot collection. Although, once you have one beautiful pair, you want ALL the beautiful pairs. Oy.

      Anyways, I’ll be shooting you an email real quick with the information on how to redeem your boots. Congrats, Tiffany!

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