K-State vs. Oklahoma State: Ag, Football, & Colors [Giveaway]

I have little to no emotional connections to mainstream college athletics.

During football season, if I have a reason to attach myself to a team for a game or two (i.e., attending a game with friends), I can get into it. Da Bearsss were an institution in my home growing up, and while I’m not a football buff by any means, I do have a love for the game.

So, when a group of my agnerd friends from Kansas and Oklahoma began making plans to converge on Manhattan, KS for the K-State vs. OSU football game on November 3rd, I was torn. I’d be in K-State territory, but I have just as many friends who attend Oklahoma State, maybe even more. And I didn’t want to be caught in the middle of any rivalries. How would I possibly pick which color to wear…if any?Now, being the agnerd I am, I thought about what set the two schools apart from each other and automatically thought about their ag programs. Agricultural colleges have a lot to offer the world; the research that happens at these programs can go on to improve food production, animal welfare, environmental conservation, and so much more. This research has the potential to improve the world, whether it’s by helping us produce more bountiful and nutritious food, decrease our mark on the work around us, or improving the quality of the crops and animals we raise.

These ag programs are often institutions at their schools and the communities around them. Their dairy programs produce ice cream, milk, and cheese that are sold locally. Their meat science programs produce high quality options, often sold locally as well. Their research farms are well-run, the often the pinnacle of quality, and the ground that is broken when we think of “groundbreaking research” in agriculture. I’ve had experience with both the University of Illinois agriculture programs, and the Illinois State University one. I’ve gotten to see first-hand the dedication to the advancement of agriculture there.

Long story short, we can thank these schools for a whole lot of awesome.

The problem is, I don’t know enough about either school to pick based on which ag program is “better.” Each program has different strengths and weaknesses. Each program has different milestones and discoveries to celebrate.

So how else can I choose what school to support? I mean, I’ve been rocking red and black since I was a young’un. There was always some older Rivard sibling competing on a Momence Redskins team of sorts, until I aged into the Redskins as a middle schooler. Then, I became a North Central Cardinal, again sporting red and black. Black and orange is closer to my comfort zone but purple and gray white are a beautiful combo.

Me and Chippy the Cardinal. This might have been the first picture I took as a North Central Cardinal!

What’s a girl to do?

Well, a giveaway and a poll is one option.

Here’s the deal: you vote in my poll on what to wear to the game, and you enter to win a t-shirt from the university of your choice that hosts an agriculture program.

Deal? Deal.

Given how highstrung college rivalries are, given how adamantly some folks love their school (or hate others), I highly encourage competitiveness here. Especially since I would be taking my life into my own hands, wearing anything but K-State gear at a K-State game. I’ll be ordering my shirt the week of October 15th, and drawing and announcing the winner the week after the K-State/OSU game, which falls on November 3rd.

Now that you’ve voted, click here to enter the giveaway!

Let the rivalry commence.

And if you want to share this giveaway on YOUR blog (you know, to help your team win…or help another team lose…) click here.


10 thoughts on “K-State vs. Oklahoma State: Ag, Football, & Colors [Giveaway]

  1. Orange Power!!! …colors of distinction! 🙂 As a grad of OSU, I vote orange for the Cowboys!!! Besides, you’ll look awesome in orange!!

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