How did the rabbit dish turn out?

A while back I shared the recipe for the marinade I was planning on using on some rabbit. Not just any rabbit, but rabbit raised by my friend Jan; rabbit that I’d be making for my friend Jodi and Brandon over Labor Day Weekend. Jodi and Brandon had never eaten rabbit before, and I had never cooked it on my own before, so there were some…question marks…about how it woud all go.

Well, I’m here to report the results. First, though, we’ll talk about the meal itself.

So, I’ve never marinaded anything. Ever. Google told me anywhere from 4 hours to 4 days, so knowing rabbit was a lean (and by default dry-ish) meat, and…I got excited. So my rabbits (2, each about 2 lbs.) marinaded in the lemon juice and olive oil mixture for four days. I loaded up a cooler with my sealed, marinading rabbit, some beer that I inherited from friends who were in town for the AgChat conference, and some delicious North Dakota sweet corn I had been given by my friends Jenny Dewey and Mark Rohrich.

Now, I was interested about trying the corn, too. I’m a sweet corn fiend. I can’t get enough of the stuff. And when I found out that the sweet corn they were giving me was the new GMO sweet corn everyone was talking about, I got excited to be a taste tester. (According to Mark, the variety is Obsession II Round-Up Ready BT.)

Theoretically, I had the makings for a great meal.

We knew the rabbit would need a low, slow cook. Putting the oven on 350, I transferred the rabbits to a fancy pretty casserole dish that Jodi had, put the lid on and slid them in. Rabbit is supposed to reach 160 to be complete, which too about an hour and a half.

The rabbit, right as it came out of the oven.

I went to cut up the rabbit, but it was actually TOO tender. It ended up falling right off the bone, which meant we had something more like pulled lemon rosemary rabbit. And let me tell you…




I’ve probably never cooked anything that delicious before. I’m not a food person. I’m a consumer of food. I love food. And I mean, I LOOOOVE food. But, I don’t pretend to be amazing at preparing it. But, this was pretty dang good. And Jodi (who is the self-proclaimed Crazy Pork Lady) and Brandon (her cattle rancher husband) were both happy with it. Or, so they say. They could be lying to me. I really liked the rabbit, though. The corn was DYNAMITE, so sweet and juice and crisp. And the rabbit, paired with that delicious sweet corn from Mark and Jenny, and Jodi’s delicious crockpot scalloped potatoes…it was perfect. At least, as perfect as I could ever hope to make a meal.

Potatoes, sweet corn, and some delicious rabbit!

I was one happy camper.

And I love sweet corn. Look at how cleaned-off that ear is.

PS — I’m sorry for the horrible picture quality. I was too lazy/tired/busy to touch up the photos at all.


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