A week and a half late, here’s a giveaway winner!

Like is NUTS lately. Bananas. Crazy. Busy. Hectic. Chaotic. Fantastic.

Pretty much, I have the coolest job. I live in an amazing city. And the more friends I make here, the better things continue to get. That isn’t to say that my friends at home and elsewhere aren’t still amazing — I’m just unusually blessed with friends in many, many different places. However, meeting people here in Kansas City means more opportunities to learn about the city I now call my home, and more opportunities to have good times with good people here.

Anyways, things are great, and are SUPER DUPER busy. I have about 9,000 things I’d like to blog about, but before I can do THAT I need to catch up on unfinished business. Some of you may remember I have this unresolved giveaway hanging around on my blog like some sort of half-attached free limb waving in the wind. Well, a hazardous limb clean-up crew is in town and they’re removing that dangerous branch. (Does that analogy even make sense? Probably not.) In other words, I’m announcing the giveaway winner.

Rafflecopter is fantastic. If you’ve never used it before, it’s a MUST for hosting giveaways on a blog, even if the widget doesn’t seem to especially like WordPress.com blogs.

Anyways, here goes nothing:

My buddy David Hayden (who runs the AWESOME blog, Farming America) gets to pick a school (which must have an agriculture program!) — I’ll send him a t-shirt from that choice. I have a feeling it will be an Oklahoma State shirt, and I find it even more ironic that I’d be buying an Oklahoma State shirt given how badly Kansas State obliterated Oklahoma State in my poll for what colors I should wear. (If you’re confused by that, you should probably check out the link to the original giveaway post.)

Congrats, David!

Now, since KSU won the poll by a landslide (partially due to a very passionate campaign by my friend and KSU Wildcat x2 Brandi Buzzard), I’ll be rocking Powercat Purple at Bill Snyder Family Stadium next Saturday. But, I’m excited to touch base with David to get his shirt to him. He’ll probably need to blog about it. Or at least tweet a picture of himself wearing it after he gets it!

Here’s hoping I can get to blogging about the twelve-thousand other things going on in my life right now!


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