Relay for Life: a continuing adventure

I’ve blogged many times in the past about Relay for Life. I’ve participated in five of them, four as a student participant and a fifth as a volunteer DJ with a friend. If you aren’t familiar with Relay for Life, it’s a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. A local committee plans a local event, with the help of regional American Cancer Society staff, and local groups form teams to raise money and participate in the event.

The events are always a surreal and very wonderful mixture of moving, fun, sad, exciting, and hopeful. If you’ve never participated in a Relay for Life, I suggest you do it. Put it on your Bucket List, or your Leap List, or your to-do list, or whatever list you have, and do it. And if you don’t keep lists, do it anyways. Seriously.

Anyways, my role in the Relay for Life is taking a step in a new direction.

While I’ve always been involved and very passionate, for the first time I’m taking on a role of leadership. I have joined the planning committee for the Relay for Life of KCMO. This is the major Relay for Life event here in Kansas City, MO. And to up the ante, I’ve agreed to step up as the Chairperson for Marketing and Publicity. While I’m INCREDIBLY excited and honored to stepping into this new role in Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society, I’m also nervous. Will I do the event justice? What if I drop the ball, and don’t succeed in spread the new of the event well enough?

My first Relay for Life team.

My first Relay for Life team.

I reckon I’ll just have to remember the people who make this such a cause for me. I’ll have to hang on to Uncle Kevin’s memory. And I’ll have to recall the love and dedication that the online community showed when our friend Brandie began treatment. And I’ll have to celebrate that two cousins, both of whom faced cancer under the age of 30, are alive and well. And if that’s not enough, I have so many more memories of hope and inspiration, and so many people that I wish I could talk to one more time.

I’ll have to call on those experiences and sentiments to keep my resolve solid. Because, right now, I’m incredibly enthusiastic about this. While I know I won’t always be this chipper about the responsibilities, I hope I maintain this same level of passion. I want this to be the best, biggest Relay for Life KCMO has ever seen!

But, I’m taking it one step further.

American Cancer Society does SO much for cancer patients and their loved ones. And, unlike many non-profits, they really hope they aren’t needed someday. They are that dedicated to their cause, that they hope to render themselves irrelevant someday. And let me tell you, the work they do now, while there is a need, is amazing. So, with all the much-needed, dedicated work that ACS does, often because of funds raised through Relay for Life, I’m going to get brave and ask for help.

If you’re interested in helping me in this new adventure to help with Relay for Life of KCMO, here’s different ways you can get involved:

  1. Monetary donations/sponsorship. You can donate to my Relay for Life of KCMO and American Cancer Society efforts here!
  2. In-kind donations (i.e., helping with publicity, working fundraiser events, providing venues, donating services, etc.).
  3. Donations of raffle prizes or silent auction items, individual items or packages/baskets appreciated!
  4. Starting a team and Relaying! It’s a GREAT experience. And this event is from noon to midnight, rather than the amazing/awful overnight 6 pm to 6 am setup my collegiate events had.
  5. Some of the above. Or all of the above.

Our 2013 event will take place on May 4th, at Berkely Riverfront Park near Rivermarket.

So, will you consider helping? Will you help the American Cancer Society fund programs for cancer patients and their loved ones, and a slew of other worthy projects? Please comment or contact me via the form below if you, your organization, or your company are interested in pitching in.

If you aren’t sure, please take some time to consider it, or ask around. You have plenty of time to find the right way for you to get involved, if you choose to get involved.

Thank you for your time!

One of the many inspiring survivors who joined us for the event.

One of the many inspiring survivors who joined us for the event.


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