Am I still an “ag blogger?”

I’ve wrestled with this question a lot lately. Agriculture is one of my passions, so much that I chose to make it my career. I love agriculture, and I love advocating on behalf of agriculture. But, my blog content patterns have changed drastically in the last year or two.

Graduating college. Moving to the city. Taking up a full-time job where I work in agricultural communications…a lot has happened. And a lot of what has happened has moved my role in agriculture to a different one.

I barely tweet anymore (I’m sure there are people out there who have thrown parties because of this), let alone about agriculture. I blog a lot less than I used to, and agriculture is often in the background but isn’t always a primary topic.

This is the road my parents live on now. This is the kind of road that country songs are written about. I love it, but there's a whole big wide world to see out there.

This used to be the path to home.

I guess my change in blogging topics and habits are due to a few things:

  • I work in agricultural communications. Eight (or more) hours a day, I am either writing about agriculture or reading about agriculture or monitoring what is being said about agriculture via social media, or I am talking about agriculture. I absolutely love my job, but sometimes at the end of the day I want to pursue my other interests. (Like, reading novels, watching movies and TV shows, or volunteering!)
  • And there’s this thing about confidentiality. Sometimes, the ag-related stuff that I get really excited about as part of my job, isn’t suitable for my blog.
  • I live in the city. I find agriculture in my everyday life. I toss out trivia about where certain things come from in the agricultural chain. (“These pinto beans were probably raised in North Dakota!” “The pumpkins used in this pumpkin pie were most likely raised in Illinois.” “That beef you’re eating is a great source of iron and B vitamins.”) At the same time, I don’t have regular farm exposure to really invigorate the blogging creativity.
  • The life lessons I’m experiencing right now are less to do about ag and more to do with personal growth. I write about what’s prevalent in my life, and all this change and “finding myself” going on has kind of stolen the thunder regarding what I want/need to write about on here.
Kansas City Skyline

This is home now.

So, am I still an ag blogger? I like to think so. In most posts I work to inherently include agriculture, even if it’s in an indirect way. For a long time, I’ve felt like I wasn’t one of the “cool kids” because I don’t get the opportunity to wake up and do chores every morning. I don’t have a farm to go home to at night. I work in an office in downtown Kansas City But, my passion, my experiences, and my communications know-how ought to make me just as important of an “agvocate” as any ag blogger who DOES farm.

And, being an ag blogger doesn’t mean I have to be an “ag only” blogger. If anything, I pull in a great deal of my traffic from non-ag topics. And those readers end up getting a glimpse into the North American food system, which I think is pretty darn cool.

So, back to the original question, again. Am I still an ag blogger? Hell yes. And proud of it!


2 thoughts on “Am I still an “ag blogger?”

  1. Definitely still an ag blogger!! I am in a very similar position as you and since farming is a lifestyle there is more to talk about than just farming. For example, I grew up on a farm, but I still went shopping or visited the city and personal growth can most definitely tie back into agriculture. We gotta keep things interesting:)

    • Amen, sister! My life may on be ON the farm anymore, and I’m more than “just” agriculture — I’m a sister, a daughter, a friend, an aunt, an artist, a musician, an advertiser, a communicator…and somehow, those things all interact with ag somehow.

      Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! Keep up the great work and thanks for reading!

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