A Fairytale in Pictures

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was always busy, always on the go. While she loved her fast-paced lifestyle, now and then she felt like something was missing. Between her heroic adventures, which were quite epic oftentimes, and the claws of evil scratching at her soul, she sometimes felt like she needed a little magic.

Tired Fairy Tale Kelly

Our brave heroine, feeling like she’s in search of something.

Going about her day-to-day life, the brave lady made due with quick fixes — tiny cups of elixers and doses of canned energy.

A small dose of an energy elixer.

A small dose of an energy elixer.

They were short-lived, and the small servings didn’t fulfill her needs.

Fairy tale Kelly drinking coffee

Drink up, brave warrior lady!

It always seemed like these life-giving beverages were gone before she truly got to enjoy them, and the life-force from them wasn’t quite…enough.

Fairy Tale Kelly needs more coffee.

The elixer, it’s gone!

Then, one day, our brave heroine was communing with some dear friends. The Good Fairy Lora brought offerings of food and drink to this gathering of kind hearts, but had to depart before they had been consumed! Princess Sarah, Lady Allie and Sir Gabe suggested that our brave she-warrior take the remainder of these refreshments, to fuel her through the epic quest of Facebook marketing that she had later that day.

Alas, our heroine realized — the beverage vessel she was sent away with contained a magical substance, a great quantity of these elixers that she often felt like she needed more of.

Fairy Tale Kelly SO MUCH COFFEE

This mystical vessel carries something powerful.

Upon closer inspection, she was sure that this was more than a quick fix. This was actually a magic potion, to be rationed and used to tackle more epic adventures!

So, knowing she need not fear for lack of energy, our brave antagonist unscrewed the cap and took of the magic potion.

Fairy Tale Kelly ALL THE COFFEE

The energy was so magical!

And our heroine was recharged, ready to face whatever odyssey the day had in store for her.

Fairy Tale Kelly after coffee

Time to squelch evil and conquer Facebook ads!

The real version is that I went to church, and a friend sponsored the coffee today. When worship was over, my pastor and other fantastic members of our wonderful congregation suggested I take the leftover coffee because…let’s face it, I was obviously fairly sleep-deprived. That, right there, is friendship.

Here’s hoping all of you find the good fairies, magic potions, energy elixers, and “go get ’em” to conquer a new week!


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