‎”Do one thing every day that scares you.”

That quote, the one in the title? That’s by Eleanor Roosevelt. A little-known fact about myself is that there’s three people I thoroughly enjoy quoting: Theodore Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill. They just all had a sort of “pluck” you don’t see celebrated like it used to be. There are others, but these three are my favorite. I often find myself remembering their words in times of uncertainty and doubt, or just when I need some perspective.

Back to the point.

Today’s scary act is actually being featured over on a blog I contribute to called The Online Safehouse. It’s essentially a blog where different folks share about some difficult topics. We feature weekly theme days, like Teen Tuesday, Mental Health Monday, etc. Wednesday, today, is typically set aside for an “inspirational story.” So, today, I shared mine.

My name is Kelly. I grew up the youngest of a large family in middle-of-nowhere Illinois, playing in corn fields, bottle feeding calves, and chasing lightnin’ bugs. Last year, I took the leap and moved 500 miles from everything I knew to live in downtown Kansas City. I have my dream job, a fantastic dog, and some of the most amazing friends and family a gal could ask for. I love the color pink, I’m a huge Chicago Cubs fan, and I love cowgirl boots.

I’m also the face of bulimia.

To read the rest of the post about bulimia, bipolar, and getting your life back on track, please check it out here at The Online Safehouse.


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