Please report this blogger for severe neglect.

Really…but, not really.

Two weeks without any new posts? Yeah, I’m awful. But, I also am okay with periodic neglect of this little corner of the Internet.

Things have been BUSY lately (capital B-U-S-Y BUSY) and I’ve always sworn to myself that if my blog ever became a source of stress, I’d step back. This is very much a “fun” project, and while the subject matter can be serious at times I never want it to feel like work.

It’s a hobby, and I enjoy it.

So, I’ve been laying low. The good news is, I have rough drafts of more Hi, I’m Agriculture posts to go live next week, from a seed guy and a feed guy. The only thing that sums up my excitement is this:

Excited Kid Kelly Rivard Agriculture

Or maybe this:

Jonah Hill Excited Kelly Rivard Agriculture

Or perhaps this:

Ron Swanson Excited Kelly Rivard Agriculture

But, definitely this:

Stephen Colbert Excited Kelly Rivard Agriculture

And I’ll be touching base with other potential Hi, I’m Agriculture contributors soon too! (If you aren’t 100% sure what I’m talking about, here’s David’s great example of how a meat scientist fits into the giant puzzle that is agriculture!)

I feel bad that these two gentleman wrote fantastic posts for me about their jobs and they HAVEN’T been published yet, but I want to make sure I can give their awesome work the time it deserves, too.

So, I apologize if you’ve been waiting in anxious anticipation for posts (that’s funny, because…if you ARE waiting in anxious anticipating, I think we need to talk about your life priorities) — BUT, never fear. There will be more bloggy awesomeness (I hope) coming — ranging from agriculture, to health, to creativity, to nerdiness, community involvement, and more.



One thought on “Please report this blogger for severe neglect.

  1. As I texted you a few weeks ago, I LOVE THE I AM AGRICULTURE PROUD posts and so yes, I’ve been waiting for them. My priorities are ok… most of the time. Ok, so maybe they’re not, but who cares?

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