And the winner of the Happiness Scarf giveaway is…

So, I hosted a giveaway on this blog, and I’m SO EXCITED to announce the winner! All you had to do was respond to this post about happiness with a comment about what makes you happy, and you were entered to win a beautiful hand-knit scarf by my friend Natalie.


Actually, first, I want to say a few more words about happiness.

You see, things are stressful and busy right now. I find myself stuttering way too much these days (trivia about Kelly Rivard: stress-triggered stutter) but, I’m still happy. I mean, I’d rather be busy than bored and unproductive. I’d rather have to lean on friends when life goes to fast, than not have those friends. I’ve found these people because of my involvement in the world around me.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to have a wonderful time with friends in Manhattan. My favorite Florida-city-girl-gone-cowboy’s-wife-and-ag-professional Jodi hosted myself, my friend Ryan Goodman, and another friend, Jacque, on a whirlwind adventure through rural Kansas. My overly-emotional side ALMOST tears up thinking about the warmth and love I felt around these people this weekend. (Almost. Really crying would imply I allow myself to express these emotions. Ain’t nobody got time for that, and Kelly Rivard isn’t big on feelings like that, friends. I’ll cry about fictional characters in movies, books, and TV show, but don’t expect me to express emotions about real things.)

While it was tough to come back to “the grind” I had the contentment of knowing that I was coming back to other friends, friends who have become family here in Kansas City. I got to celebrate a joyous Easter with folks who used to be “new friends” — now, they’re just “friends” and I think that makes me even happier. It’s amazing when you realize what was new and full of novelty is actually normal now, and still wonderful.

(Added bonus? I got to see the lovely Brandi Buzzard-Frobose for a few minutes last night, and her sweet hubby Hyatt. They stopped by my apartment on their way home to Manhattan from Easter in Ohio. It was a wonderful little surprise!)

Are things busy and stressful? Yes. Do I occasionally trip over words when I’m talking? Yes. The cool thing is, I can joke about my own stutters. And my friends are incredibly patient and forgiving when it happens. (And those who laugh, laugh with me, not at me. And if they did laugh AT me, I’d laugh with them anyways. What CAN we do if we can’t laugh at ourselves?)

So, what makes me happy today? Memories of friends from far away, coming together in an unlikely adventure in small-town Kansas. Coming home to Kansas City, where other friends are thrilled to grow and explore with me. Bruises, caused by playing weekend cowgirl in a saddle that had too-long stirrups. Music, because for me songs are a trigger of memories and a catalyst for feelings. My stutter, because it means I’m blessed with the opportunity to grow and learn alongside other talented and passionate people (even if it stresses me out a bit). This giveaway, because I get to make someone else happy, by sharing the most optimistic scarf on the face of this Earth.

So, who’s the lucky winner?


Actually, hold on, I want to say a few words abou–

Okay, I’m just playing this time.


Happiness Scarf Giveaway Winner

Congratulations, Laurin!

Laurin, I’ll be emailing you shortly about how to get your prize. Be sure to check your spam folder in case my email ends up there!

If you’re interested in Natalie’s other work (jewelry, bookmarks, hand-beaded horseshoes, scarves, and other crafty handmade goodies) visit her Etsy NatInDesign store here and check out NatInDesign on Facebook here.


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