I love bacon. So do the folks at Ram Trucks.

So, the “God Made a Farmer” and “Year of the Farmer” campaign by Ram Trucks is no secret. If you live in North America and haven’t heard of it, you miiiiiiight just live under a rock. (I hear it’s cozy under there, though. So, if that’s your jive, go for it!)

Well, today Ram Trucks launched what seems like “phase II” of their campaign. And I love it.

So, we’ll talk a little bit about WHY this is wonderful, before I actually tell you what they did.

  • Ram continues to herald farmers and the important role they play in our world.
  • They have found FANTASTIC ways to pair agriculture and, well, culture without the agri in front.
  • Their campaigns pull in new audiences by being engaging, aesthetically-grabbing, and well-executed (in my opinion).

But, there’s also some personal bias here. This new phase in their plan lines up very well with a project I did at work with a client not to long ago.

It was probably one of the most successful social media promotions I’ve ever been a part of. It was also one of the most fun. When I’m having a bad day at work, this is one of those projects that I think of to remind myself how awesome my job is. The clients were amazing to work with, the concept was fun, and the people we reached through the promotion enjoyed it, as well. It stretched my creative and strategic boundaries and encouraged me to grow. And, I can’t stress how much FUN it was, even if it was stressful at times.

It was bacon-themed. And wonderful. And magical. And fun. And social. And you can read more about it on the AdFarm blog here.

Today, in my various digging and monitoring and creeping around on the Internet, I stumbled across this:

The United Strips of Bacon, brought to you by Ram as part of the Year of the Farmer.

The United Strips of Bacon, brought to you by Ram as part of the Year of the Farmer.

You can see the full blog post associated with the United Strips of Bacon here, on the Ram Trucks blog. Now, the God Made a Farmer ad during the Super Bowl made me tear up. And, it’s no secret that I hate tears. I’m bad at crying. I only know one other woman on this Earth who is as bad at crying as me, and she’s my best friend. (Birds of a feather, folks. Kourtney knows my soul. And my hatred for feelings.) Then, I had the joy of writing about it and running case studies for it at work — and let me tell you, I came to love it even more. The more I study and consider the Year of the Farmer campaign and its many aspects, the more in awe of it I am, both as an advertising professional and an agriculture advocate.

But, you blend it with BACON? Bacon, how I love thee! Shall I count the ways?

  • Bacon is the “family food” of the Rivard-Raef clan. Every member of my family could easily eat a pound of bacon on their own in one sitting. It’s part of the Rivard genetic makeup, but I think that the Raef part of the family has developed the ability as a survival mechanism at family gatherings.
  • I know many great people in many places along the line of the pork industry. I dearly love farmers like Chris Chinn, who is not only a friend but something of an idol to me in the world of agriculture advocacy. Then, I consider my friend and AWESOME client Jennifer, who represents Ohio’s hog farmers. And then there’s Jodi, who is a frequent face on this blog and an absolute joy to have in my life. (Seriously. Jodi is for realsies a blessing in my life. She is a sister and a confidante and a badass.) Jodi represents over 1,500 hog farmers in Kansas.
  • I trust America’s farmers and ranchers. I deal with these people, interact with these people, each and every day. I have friends and colleagues all over the map as far as opinions, mentalities, and methods; they may pasture raise hogs in small batches or they may raise thousands of them in barns. They may use only organic methods, or use the technologies available today that aren’t associated with the organic certifications. But, I trust, and love, the farmers and ranchers who bring food to my table.
  • And, let’s me honest, bacon is just freaking delicious.

So, thank you Ram Trucks, for loving bacon maybe almost as much as I do. Thank you Ram Trucks for also tipping a hat to farmers, time and again. If this is an indicator of how you’ll be celebrating the Year of the Farmer, then I hope you keep up the great work. While I don’t own a truck, I know that when the time comes for me to (finally) be a large vehicle driver again (someday!), Dodge will be the top of my list. I can support a brand that support farmers.

So, from an agriculture enthusiast, a lover of farmers and ranchers, and an advocate for all things bacon-wrapped, thank you. Again and again.


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