I have a boyfriend. What should we call him?

Yup. I have a boyfriend. Actually, I’ve had one for a while. We did some fact-checking last night and it looks like we’ve been seeing each other for over two months now. And we’re pretty big fans of each other. The moral of the story is, this guy’s earned his stripes, and his right to be talked about on this here blog periodically.

But, he needs a blog-friendly nickname. What shall we call him? When I asked him what he wanted his “codename” to be, he asked if he could be Nightwolf. Well, yes, that’s cool. I laughed out loud and thought, “This is why I love you,” when he said that. We decided, however, maybe a poll would be more fun.

So, here we are.

I’ll tell you guys a little bit about him and we’ll vote.

This boyfriend of mine is kind-hearted. He has a dog that totally doesn’t fit the mold on what kind of dogs single guys should have. He saw her at the shelter when she was on death row, and he knew he had to save her. He’s involved in some cool non-profit work, and even spent a few hours with me at Relay For Life while I was running around helping with the event and raising money for the American Cancer Society.

He’s also a huge softy for my tiny dog. He willingly walks her with a pink leash or carries her around when we take her places. (I’ll be buying a “boyfriend-friendly” leash soon, though.) The first time he came to my apartment, he had roses and Italian carry-out for me and fancy treats for Rory. Friends, that’s some chivalry there.

Rory the Dachshund

Yes, he willingly carries this tiny lap dog around. And the Fredcat even likes him!


I am spoiled.

He’s freaky-smart, and also works in digital communications. His specialty in digital work is mind-boggling to me. Like me, he’s a geek. He said he knew he had to woo me when, during our early courtship, he found out I own an Avengers t-shirt and Yoda slippers.

Kelly Rivard Avengers Shirt

This is the photo that caught his eye.

Another cool thing is, he’s also really supportive of the other things I geek out about, like art and music, and especially agriculture. When I have a random ag nerd moment about our food or a momentary rant about some misconception in agriculture, he’s very encouraging and accepting of it. I’m not sure he entirely understands the “why agriculture” part but he’s on-board with my passion about it. That’s cool, friends.

I guess I should point out, he’s a suburban guy. And he’s completely taken me off-guard and swept this country girl off her feet. I never thought that would happen, esteemed readers. I tend to be pretty trigger-shy about things like romance. It was always easy for my to run away in the past. And being “too city” was always an excuse not to give a guy a chance. This guy, though…this guy.

On a regular basis, he mind-boggles me with his laid-back demeanor about the curveballs life throws at us. In the two months we’ve been together, both of us have had some pretty, uh, “exciting” situations arise in our lives. He’s been fantastic. Even when stressed beyond belief, he’s been fantastic. This is just one more way in which I am unbelievably blessed.

Oy, I can feel that goofy, giant, girly smile on my face right now.

So, here’s the poll. If you suggest new ideas, please be nice. I’m a big fan of this guy, I’d like to keep him around and having my blog readers scare him away would not bode well for that.

After he has a proper nickname, I might even include a picture or two of him. Until then, happy polling!


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