So, what are we calling my boyfriend?

Yesterday I posted the “big” announcement that I have a boyfriend, and I asked you, my esteemed readers and wonderful inspiration, what we should call him.

If you didn’t see the poll about what to call my boyfriend when it was live yesterday, I essentially explained a little bit about his personality quirks and our dynamic as a country-girl-city-boy couple and threw out a list of suggestions. Here’s the list:

  • Nightwolf — his suggestion/idea. I asked off the cuff for an idea of what he wanted to be called, and he shot this back almost instantaneously.
  • Huckleberry — my friend Brooke Clay of Rural Gone Urban suggested this one from the classic movie Tombstone, because it’s fantastic and western and wonderful.
  • The Jedi — Despite seeming like I put a lot of myself on the Internet, for the deeper aspects of emotions (and relationships) I tend to be pretty flighty. I joke with my boyfriend about how he used some sort of Jedi mind tricks to get me to open up to him easily, and not freak out when I’d typically trip over myself trying to run away as fast as possible.
  • Kevin — submitted by a reader, I’m not sure which though. I have no idea why, but I got a really good belly laugh out of it when I added it to the list; it’s especially funny because my boyfriend has a friend whose cat is named Kevin and stories about the cat are a good source of laughter.
  • Blogomous Maximus — I feel like my older brother submitted this one, and I had to include it because it’s so ridiculous and hilarious. I would have used Maximus for short.

So, what ended up winning?


Sometimes, the Internet hands you things that are perfect for the situation, and it’s wrong not to share them. This epic picture, the context of which I don’t understand, is one of those things.

Friends, readers, lurkers, creepers, family, and wonderful strangers of the Internet: meet Nightwolf.

Nightwolf and Kelly Rivard at Sea Life Aquarium

The first picture we ever took together, on one of our first dates. He took me to the Sea Life Aquarium here in Kansas City. The original picture is super dark and I tried to “save” it with Instagram.

Note how big and goofy my smile is, and how chill and laid back Nightwolf is? That’s a pretty clear representation of how our relationship dynamic seems to work.

The nickname Nightwolf won by a pretty decent lead, with Huckleberry in a comfortable-but-not-close second place.

I should point out, I don’t intend for this blog to be a dating and relationship blog. I don’t plan on raving about how wonderful Nightwolf is (although he is absolutely wonderful) in every single post. But, Nightwolf has become a pretty big part of my life, and as this blog is essentially about that — my life — I want to have the option to write about it.

I’ll try my best to reserve the more estrogen-laden stories of romance and adorableness for special occasions. (I’ve already gotten texts for my male ag blogging contemporaries about how “gushy” and “romantic” and “girly” the last post was. Sorry I’m not sorry.) And I’ll still be covering the other subjects I often mull over on this blog: agriculture, food, eating disorders, mental health, optimism, and the human spirit. Oh, and my pets.

Psh, you think I’d quit blogging about my cat just because I found a boyfriend? Please, let’s be real here.

So, Internet, I hope you’re ready for Nightwolf. Here’s hoping I have many more adventures with my fantastic “city boy!”


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