Help spread a little joy, vote for Lara!

I’ve blogged about Nightwolf a bit, but at the risk of ousting his barely-kindasorta-not-really-secret identity, I’m going to write a little about his family here.


Nightwolf and I at a recent wedding where he was an usher. Look at him! How lucky am I?! Wait, it gets better.

You see, right around the time I was already falling head over heels for this guy (read that as, a few dates into the relationship), he informed me that his family runs a non-profit. Said non-profit, which his mother spearheads, fulfills dreams for adults in the Kansas City area with life-threatening illnesses (think “Make-A-Wish Foundation” but for adults in the Kansas City region). The good they do is twofold: the dreamer themselves gets a break from the stresses of treatment, and their family gets wonderful memories of their loved ones to cherish through the dark times. These things make a big difference for a family facing an enemy as big and faceless as cancer and the like.

Now, if the world knows anything about Kelly Rivard, it’s these things:

So, needless to say knowing this charming, smart, hilarious, handsome gentleman had a good heart and a family committed to improving the world around them kind of sealed the deal for me (bonus points for its association with the fight against cancer, since Relay For Life and American Cancer Society are such a big cause for me).

Well, now that non-profit, the Spread A Little Joy Foundation, is getting some additional publicity. You see, Nightwolf’s mom, Lara, is a finalist in the Ocean Spray Sun-sational contest. A friend nominated her because of her amazing commitment to improving lives, especially during dark times associated with serious health concerns. Lara is excited at the opportunity to gain publicity for the foundation. Not only is this a chance to find new donors to help fulfill dreams, but it’s also an opportunity to reach out to more potential dreamers in need of some joy right now.

Spread a Little Joy Foundation

The Spread A Little Joy Foundation began when Lara asked her terminally-ill mother how they could make her dreams come true. After working to fulfill her mother’s dreams, she decided to start doing it for others, and the Spread A Little Joy Foundation was born. You can also follow the foundation’s activities on Twitter and Facebook!

Myself, and her family and other friends, however, all think that Lara deserves the grand prize, which is a a trip to anywhere in the U.S. that is sunny. Lara works so hard to bring joy to others when they need it most, it’s only fair that she has some of her dreams come true as well!

So, how can you help me help an amazing woman?


Click here to go the Ocean Spray Facebook page’s contest tab and vote for Lara. You can vote daily. If you want more evidence on how awesome she is, here’s her finalist video:

The contest runs until July 25, so be sure to go vote every day until then!

I firmly believe Lara deserves this. She truly is an amazing woman, and the more I get to know Nightwolf’s wonderful family, the more blessed I feel to get to enjoy them. I find myself in awe of Lara’s giving heart and kind spirit, and am incredibly honored to get to know her.

Now, go vote. Or I’ll come find you. In the middle of the night. And no one wants to wake up to an angry 4’10” redneck shouting outside their bedroom window at 2 a.m. (I have friends from college that can attest to that. Tiny Person Rage is a real issue, people.)

If anyone is interested in helping to promote the contest, I would be deeply appreciative of it. Please feel free to contact me at kelly.m.rivard (at) — I will accept whatever help to gain publicity for a great cause and win a free trip for an incredibly hard-working and deserving person!


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