A new look, and good news!

Hi friends and esteemed lurkers!

Welcome to the new face of my blogtopia. I wanted to find a look and feel for the blog that was both more gender neutral (I don’t want to scare off them menfolk readers with my LOVE OF ALL THINGS PINK) but also true-to-me. So, here we are. That banner up there, at the top? That bad boy was drawn by yours truly. I don’t really do art anymore but now and then I take a walk down memory lane and sometimes am surprised by what I find.

The original drawing was done in color pencil, and got some tweaks in photoshop to give you the soft, glow-y, ethereal feel I was going for.

In related news: I love cowgirl boots, and Kansas City has a pretty bitchin’ skyline. Seriously, it took me forever to decide which “side” of the city I wanted to draw. This one was the easiest one. I’ll fight you if you judge me for that.

Anyways, the new look is actually part of a “rebranding.” This website, for most of my college career, was a tool to reference for work-related opportunities, like freelancing and internships. The blog was fun, and everything I wanted, but the URL and the “brand” wasn’t so much about the blog, it was about selling myself. For years, this was just as much a portfolio website and a home for my digital resumé. Now, we’re transitioning to a new use of the website: fully hobby-ized.

Granted, I haven’t had my portfolio or resumé posted here for over a year, but it’s still been a bit too “business-y.” This blog will still talk about the things that matter most to me: friends, family, food, agriculture, mental health, self-image, life lessons, fun, and simple pleasures. The content won’t change much, but, for me, the purpose has.

So, a change seemed right. While the URL is still KellyMRivard.com, I’m really working to transition the blog to the new “identity” of Country Nights, City Lights. And, there’s a new Facebook fan page to go with Country Nights, City Lights. Hop on over and give it a like.

Bloggy business aside, I have other big news. Not long ago, I wrote this here post about Nightwolf’s mom and how she was nominated for an award for amazing people because pretty much she’s the best person ever. Well, I’m THRILLED to announce that LARA WON. Thanks to the support of my readers, the AMAZING enthusiasm of the Kansas City local news outlets that covered the story, and the floods of other people who helped us crown Lara as the Sunniest Person in America. Because of all of you, an amazing woman gets an extra little dose of recognition for her absolutely selfless work!

Lara Stanze Sun-sational Award Winner

A nice lady from Ocean Spray’s agency sent me a press release and this picture to use if I decided to blog about Lara. It’s weird to be on the receiving end of these things, because I’m typically one of the people doing these sort of things at my agency.

Congratulations, Lara! It’s been super fun getting to work with you and the Spread A Little Joy Foundation throughout this contest. I reckon SALJ has a new supporter and volunteer.

Trivia: the first time I met Lara, it was actually because Nightwolf drafted me to volunteer with SALJ at a benefit for one of their dreamers at the Power & Light District.

Kelly and Nightwolf at Kong's Jam for Life with Spread A Little Joy Foundation

I teased Josh because yellow is “not my color.” I told him that it was a big deal that I wore yellow for him. Now, I’d be more than happy to wear that yellow Spread A Little Joy shirt. (It may be the only yellow clothing I own…)

Other trivia: I trimmed my bangs before going to this event. They were way to long and looked horrible. However, right as I was taking the first cut, my cat jumped out of my shower and scared the living daylights out of me. My bangs were ruined. Thus why I have the side-part in this picture without bangs. They were brushed to the side to hide how crooked they were. It took a month for them to grow out enough to straighten.

Of course I would botch my own bangs less than an hour before meeting Nightwolf’s mom.

So, long story short, it’s an exciting time.



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