When Hump Day is your Monday, things are hard.

Mondays are hard. Tuesdays can be pretty hard, too, because the “start of week adrenaline rush” that got you through Monday has worn off. Wednesdays are the day when you tip over the top of the mountain and start coasting to the downhill. Right? That’s the whole theory behind Hump Day, right? You’re over the hump?

Well, regardless of the accuracy of that theory, when Hump Day is also “your Monday,” things are hard.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

You see, Nightwolf and I had a big weekend. Since I had to cancel a trip home for Gladiolus Festival to go on a whirlwind awesome business trip to California, I penciled in Labor Day Weekend as my “backup plan.” And since Nightwolf did not have Labor Weekend Plans, he went home with me.

You read that right: my boyfriend of nearly six months went to my hometown with me. He met my older brothers (which had to be intimidating), my nieces and nephews, several cousins, aunts, uncles, and many friends. It had to be overwhelming, but he was a good sport. We left Friday after he got home from work, spent the night halfway, and arrived Saturday to join my parents’ for supper and met up with my best friend and her husband later.  On Sunday, we hosted around 50-something guests at my parents’ place for a cookout/bonfire/family reunion/extravaganza. Monday, I took him on a whirlwind tour of my hometown before returning my parents’ 23-acre riverfront home to relax before the long drive home on Tuesday.

It was a wonderful trip. I saw wonderful people. I was surprised by visits from wonderful friends. And I got to share this special part of my life with a wonderful man. I was surrounded by the love of my wonderful family. Also, we were surrounded by a small pack of wonderful dogs at the party (including several Dachshunds…it’s hard not to be happy when you’re surrounded by Dachshunds).

You guys, I went to bed at 9 p.m. last night. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a night owl and that I typically operate on less-than-ideal amounts of sleep. I was EXHAUSTED.

And today, it was more than your typical mid-week slump. It was a mid-week slump while also trying to recover from vacation, a day and a half out of the office (I took a half-day off on Friday), and easing back into a breakneck pace at work. (By “easing back into” I mean, I attempted to ease, slipped, and did a very ungraceful belly flop.)

It’s good to be home, but it’s hard to get back into the routine. Life has been so fast-paced lately, and it isn’t promising to slow down anytime soon.

Well, as part of an on-going project with Ozarka Natural Spring Water, I’m making the effort to have some feel-good moments this week. I wrote another post about it not too long ago, about my sure-fire strategies for beating mid-week stress. Other folks are sharing their stress-busting mid-week secrets on their Facebook page. If you want to join the conversation, head on over to the Ozarka Natural Spring Water Facebook page.

What am I doing this week to beat the stress? For starters, I put on some stretchy pants because I’m pretty sure I ate my own body weight in comfort food and junk food during the trip home. I had a nice supper, and now, I’m reflecting on the warm joys of that trip home. Nightwolf is a hobby photographer, and he took some breath-taking photos of the trip. I’ll be enjoying them. Tonight is devoted to remembering the love and peace I felt during the wonderful trip back to Illinois, even if the break from reality has caused a little stress upon return. I’m also spending part of tonight appreciating my new home, here in Kansas City. This is where I found myself. This is where I belong now.

Oh, and I’ll be catching up on guilty pleasure reality TV. In my stretchy pants. Don’t forget the stretchy pants.

I hope you enjoy these photos Nightwolf took as much as I do on this evening devoted to feeling good and shaking the stress.

Click images to see full-size version.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

Nightwolf sneakily snapped this picture of me in my parents’ woods while I led him back to the meadow.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

Nightwolf and my youngest niece had a blast with this caterpillar. He was a big hit with my nieces and nephews. It warmed my heart.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

Canoes were everywhere on the Kankakee River on Labor Day.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

My parents’ place is a rural woodland refuge for this country-gone-city girl.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

I loved the woods and the river. Rory Rue, however, loved the muddy creek. Even princess dogs know how to have fun in the mud.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

Rory wasn’t thrilled here, because she was already exhausted and had had one bath already. The other dog is my parents’ new dog, Shep. Shep is absolutely FANTASTIC. She’s a huge source of joy to my empty nester parents, especially since we lost our Chewy about a year ago.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

We love adventures in the woods. I love climbing this tree, which is growing out of the side of the riverbank. Nightwolf snapped this picture from afar as I climbed the tree.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

Rory waited at the roots of the tree while I climbed over the river. She really, really wanted to follow but her little legs couldn’t quite handled it.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign by Ozarka® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water.


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