The city dog goes back to her country roots.

Enter Rory.

City country longhair Dachshund

She’s pretty sure she’s majestic.

She’s my purebred longhaired Dachshund. My college roommate, Emily, was fostering her and introduced us. Rory picked me as her human and we’ve been pretty much inseparable (aside from a few business trips) since. While she has rural roots like me, she’s settled into city life well. She likes going for the occasional jog, she loves getting pets and belly rubs from the people she meets when we’re out on the town together, enjoys trips to dog-friendly restaurants and bars and stores, and she’s an amazing little road trip buddy.

Dachshund longhair city country

Well, on Labor Day Weekend, both Rory and I got back to our roots. We went back to Illinois, where we spent the long weekend at my parents’ place. They live on 23 acres of idyllic riverfront woodland, cornfield, and meadow, with a big house and a forest, and, most importantly, a muddy creek to play in.

My partner in crime, Rory Rue Rivard.

Rory in our first days together, just before we moved to Kansas City. We’ve both lost weight since then!

Despite looking like a princess, Rory is a hound dog. And while she is prissy and proper much of the time (aside from trying to eat her own weight in cat food and having the worst breath of any dog I’ve ever met) she still has carnal hound dog urges: smell things, eat things, and get covered in slime and mud.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

One of the priceless Rory photos that Nightwolf snapped on our trip back to Illinois.

These urges are further exacerbated when surrounded by other hound dogs with short legs.

Translation: when Emily came over for a party and brought her two Dachshunds along, Rory went into full-on rural mud dog mode, and it was wonderful.

This particular trip to my parents place was especially meaningful to me because it was the first time Nightwolf ever went back to Illinois with me. And he was equipped with his camera. Nightwolf not only snapped adorable pictures, of her being a rural dog; he also captured it on video.

What’s the lesson in all of this? There’s a few. (I learn a lot of life lessons from my dog.) No matter how much you love your life, it’s okay to go back to your roots. It’s okay to get dirty and enjoy it now and then. You can take the dog out of the country, but you can’t take the mud-coated adventurer out of the dog. Also, whenever there are packs of wiener dogs in muddy creek beds, you ought to have 300 FPS cameras ready to capture it.


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