The honest take on Chipotle’s ad, “The Scarecrow”

I wrote a commentary of Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” ad in my last post. I had a lot to say about the manipulative nature of the ad, the creative genius, and the huge ethical ramifications of morally-loose advertising like this. It can have some major impacts on some very serious national and global conversations about food.

Chipotle The Scarecrow Funny Or Die

Well, Funny Or Die had an even better way to sum it up, in a parody video. They do a GREAT breakdown of the use of feelings, the lack of transparency, the completely inaccurate portrayal of the company, and even subliminal messaging.

Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t cooperating to let me embed the video here in this blog post, but seriously, check it out. It’s refreshing to see such a manipulative ad that takes a low blow at agriculture getting called out. While I would respect Chipotle’s tactics a bit more if the company actually adhered to the values it upholds in the ad, they don’t (as highlighted in my last blog post).

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