Colorado: A Beer Lover’s Paradise [Giveaway]

I’m not sure I’ve talked about this much on here, but I’m a beer nerd. I’m not a beer nerd in that I know everything there is to know about beer, but I AM fascinated by it. I love to drink it (unless it’s an IPA) and I really enjoy trying out new brews. So, when Visit Colorado reached out to me and were all like, “Hey, want to talk about beer and outdoor activities on your blog? We’ll give you stuff to give away,” I was all like, “YES PLEASE.”

Okay, it didn’t go exactly like that. But I was really excited.

featured Colorado beer

So, the fantastic folks at Visit Colorado sent me two backpacks (nice, light-weight athletic Osprey packs) full of Colorado goodies. Josh probably thought I had lost it, because I was besides myself excited about this whole to-do. But, before I tell you guys what is in the backpacks, I want to talk about beer. Colorado beer, in specific.

I’ve been within the state of Colorado several times on layovers, yet have only ever left the airport once. Prior to my first outside-of-the-airport Colorado experience, my knowledge was limited to just a few things:

  1. Colorado has pretty mountains.
  2. Colorado has hella wildlife and outdoor activities.
  3. Colorado is a magical land where beer flows like water from mountain springs.

In a recent trip to Denver, I found that #1 and #3 are undeniably true. And let me tell you, the beer from Colorado is GOOD.

There’s only one state between Kansas City and Colorado; because of that, a lot of the beer makes it over here. Most beer drinkers in the Kansas City area have experienced some of the better-known brews by New Belgium, such as Fat Tire. Being a member of a beer club here in Kansas City, I’ve had the privilege of enjoying some pretty fantastic beers brewed in my pretty-much-neighbor-state. Some of the breweries I’d suggest trying beer from (or visiting, if you’re in the area) are:

  • Avery Brewing Company
  • Left Hand Brewing Company
  • Odell Brewing Company
  • Great Divide Brewing Company
  • The Grand Lake Brewing Company

To learn more about Colorado’s many wonderful breweries, click here. You can also watch the video below, featuring Lauren Salazar, a brewer with New Belgium Brewing Company!

Like I said before, I have a Colorado “swag bag” to give away to one lucky blog reader!

So, what comes in the goodie bag?

Here’s a pic:

Colorado gift package

Colorado travel guides, Colorado trail maps, a really nice athletic backpack, a high quality drink canister, an array of honey-based fitness/energy foods, a “beer sweater” coozie from New Belgium, a pair of biking socks (which will work well for running, too!) and a packet of almond butter.

Also included is a really nice fleece jacket, which I was pretty stoked about (it’ll need some altering, since I’m a tiny person):

Colorado jacket

The nice people at Visit Colorado had no way of knowing how big this would be on me.

New Belgium Beer Sweater

Another pic of my New Belgium beer sweater, doing what it was made to do!

Colorado backpack

Josh snagged this picture of me rocking my new Colorado backpack on a recent trip to the Omaha Zoo.

Are you interested in winning one of these bad boys? The backpack alone is a great prize. The backpack plus the water canister is a GREAT prize. Add in the beer sweater, the athletic socks, SNACKS, and some awesome material on why YOU SHOULD GO TO COLORADO? You want one of these things, folks. And the only thing you need to do for a chance to enter is do a little social sharing.

Click here to enter the Colorado swag bag giveaway!

This is a two-part giveaway; there will be another post about the giveaway coming the week of July 7th. That means you have plenty of time to enter before this contest ends!

As a beer nerd, an agriculture nerd, and an outdoor enthusiastic, I was incredibly honored to be approached about this giveaway. I hope you guys appreciate this great prize pack as much as I do — the treats have all been VERY yummy, the equipment has all been high quality and put to good use, and Josh and I are already talking about how we’ll need to plan a trip to Colorado next summer.

Thank you very much to the folks at Visit Colorado for giving me this option. Check out their on-going #COmeToLife promotion — by sharing your ways that Colorado makes you come to life, you could win a free vacation to the breath-taking state!


23 thoughts on “Colorado: A Beer Lover’s Paradise [Giveaway]

  1. I have to say, I thought Colorado was stunning the times I have been through there. But the video really makes me want to do a beer vacation there now! That would be so much fun

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