Get your outdoor fitness fix in Colorado!

In the last two years, I’ve blogged a lot about my fitness journey, from being overweight due to an eating disorder to losing 40 pounds the RIGHT WAY.

Kelly Rivard before after lost 35 pounds

Left: North Central College Senior Bar Crawl in June of 2012. That guy is Joe, who is one of my best friends and favorite people ever. Right: Myself and my boyfriend Josh, July 2013 at a wedding.

While I’m not nearly as active as I’d like to be anymore, an active lifestyle is still a “must” on my list. There are few things I’d rather do than spend my weekends hiking some of the trails around Kansas City, and on a stressful day there are few things that help me unwind like running until my lungs burn. (It happens quicker than I’d care to admit. 6-mile runs are no longer something I can do on a whim.) I still miss canoeing, fishing, and boating on the river at my folks’ place. The outdoors are a part of who I am.

Colorado adventure vacations

So, when Visit Colorado reached out to me about blogging about outdoor activities as part of their #COmeToLife campaign, I was flattered. I’m hardly what I’d consider a fitness blogger, but apparently my Instagrams from me and Josh’s hikes, my weightloss story, or my love of beer got their attention. (Oh, by the way, I also wrote a post for #COmeToLife about fantastic Colorado beer. Read it here.)

This is the second post in my two-part ode to Coloardo, and next week I’ll be drawing a winner for one of these bad boys:

Colorado gift package

Colorado travel guides, Colorado trail maps, a really nice athletic backpack, a high quality drink canister, an array of honey-based fitness/energy foods, a “beer sweater” coozie from New Belgium, a pair of biking socks (which will work well for running, too!) and a packet of almond butter.

The gift bag also includes one of these:

Colorado jacket

The nice people at Visit Colorado had no way of knowing how big a men’s Large would be on me. The one I’m giving away is also a men’s Large.

So, as an outdoorswoman, I was excited to test out some of the gear. The first big test were for the water canister and the backpack. These goodies spent a long, VERY HOT dat with me at the Omaha Zoo. The canister kept my water colder than I ever could have imagined it would, and the backpack was comfortable, lightweight, but durable. I never got tired of carrying it, and that’s a big deal for a little person like me.

Colorado backpack

Josh snagged this picture of me rocking my new Colorado backpack at the Omaha Zoo.

I also ate all of the delicious honey-based fitness foods. They gave good energy boosts when I needed them, and they tasted GREAT. Josh and I also spent some time looking through the informational material, and we’re pretty sure next summer’s vacation will be Colorado, and there WILL be trails involved. It just seems to perfectly in-line with our passions for nature and adventure.

The item I didn’t expect to love as much as I did were the bicycling socks. Since I’m not a cyclist, I expected not to appreciate them. However, they gave GREAT arch support for my last run, and also stood up to a 12-hour-long freelance video shoot over the weekend. They’re Smart Wool socks, meaning they wicked moisture away from my feet, and overall just felt GOOD. Never underestimate the value of good socks, ya dig?

Anyways, now that I’ve gushed about all these fantastic, Colorado-themed goodies, I want to offer YOU the chance to win YOUR OWN COLORADO SWAG BAG.

Click here to enter the #COmeToLife Swag Bag from Visit Colorado!

You can also enter to win Visit Colorado’s #COmeToLife giveaway by sharing YOUR Colorado moments and memories using the #COmeToLife hashtag on Twitter and Instagram! You could win a grand prize trip to the beautiful state of Colorado!


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