A bad blogger, a bad dog, and a giveaway winner!

I’m not shy about stating that I can periodically be a “bad blogger.” Despite being pretty proud of my analytics and vanity metrics, I’m fairly inconsistent. Usually, my absenteeism on my blog is for a good reason. My delay in posting the giveaway winners does!

#COmeToLife Giveaway Winner

You see, I went on vacation.

My first “real” vacation in years. It wasn’t for a conference. It wasn’t just a weekend getaway. I left Kansas City for FIVE WHOLE DAYS. And the trip was strictly for enjoyment. And it was me and Josh’s first vacation together. Tack on that work is hectic and I’m moving to a new (better) apartment this weekend, and life is a special sort of insane.

Anyways, that’s why I’m late.

I’m totally planning to announce the winner of my Colorado #COmeToLife giveaway, but first I need to give you guys some bad news:

Some of the prize is, well…missing.

And by missing, I mean, I know exactly where it is. And you’re not going to like where.

In the mess of packing to move, I happened to leave the backpack (full of Colorado goodies) within reach of Rory. Adorable, sweet, will-eat-anything-she-can-find Rory. The same one who ate two pounds of cat food in a single sitting, and a few weeks ago ate a pound of bird seed…just because. Well, Rory somehow managed to unzip the backpack and pull out all of the food except for the energy gummies, without removing anything else (to my knowledge) from the bag.

Rory #COmetoLife

This is the face of a prize-thief. The furry one, not me.

She then proceeded to eat it all.

This is a literal “the dog ate my homework” moment and I hope my winner and the folks at Visit Colorado find it as funny as I’m trying to. Really, I’m working really, very hard to laugh about it. It’s too absurd not to.

#COmeToLife Dog

Here’s a picture of her looking sad…to help take the edge off the loss of the Colorado snackies.

Despite that, I’m excited to announce a winner! (There’s still a lot of great stuff to enjoy in this prize pack without most of the snacks!) The lucky winner issss……

(….via random selection using RaffleCopter’s Random.org tool…)

Colorado Giveaway Winner with #COmeToLife

Congrats, BreeAnne! I’ll be contacting you about receiving your prize.

It was exciting to do another giveaway, even if I definitely did not give it the full attention it deserved. July 2014 has just been a very hectic, overwhelming season in my life, and while all of it is GOOD, EXCITING stress, it’s still stress. I’m already looking forward to a more manageable autumn as I look forward to starting a new chapter in my new apartment!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my giveaway, and BIG thanks to the folks at Visit Colorado. They’re great to work with, and are really passionate about their absolutely gorgeous state. Josh and I have already had multiple conversations about potential trips to Colorado, and after my first trip there for Denver Comic Con, I’m sold.

All that said, I’m going to continue my packing rampage. Have a great day!


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