A girl and her shoes: a love story.

i love shoes

So, despite the fact that I tend to rotate between 3 different pairs of cowgirl boots 90% of the time, I actually own a lot of shoes. The vast majority of them are, in fact, boots. Then there’s my 4 pairs of Chuck Taylor high tops which I love very dearly. Then, there’s my assortment of heels, ranging in style from sensible to you-can-never-ever-wear-those-to-work.

Like so many other women (and a few men I know), I love shoes. There’s a shoe for every occasion. And, shoes can say a lot about our identities and self-expression.

However, there’s one pair of shoes that are more important than others. While my cowgirl boots and Chucks are my everyday shoes that have special meaning and help show my identity (country girl in the city, with a quirky side), the shoes I probably care most about are…

running shoes

These. My running shoes. Also: Hi, Zelda!

Why my running shoes? They’re kind of the best of all worlds. They’re a tool for self-expression. They’re practical. They’re meaningful. But, they were also a tool for me to achieve a better life.

You see, these were the shoes that got me through the process of losing 40 pounds. These were the shoes that helped me break into the world of recreational running (even though I will likely never be “good” at it). These shoes helped me learn a lot about myself, my body, my mental limits, and my love (or previous lack thereof) for myself.

But now, these shoes have reached the end of their mileage. They’ve given me two good years — and more miles than they probably should have. This Christmas, I look forward to breaking in a new pair of ASICS.

While I couldn’t find a pair that fit my practical needs in the same blazingly bright pink, I did find “the shoes.” Because of my stride, gait, and foot-fall, I’m low-maintenance. I have a pretty standard arch and balanced, neutral steps (meaning I don’t favor the inside of my feet which calls for special support). I’m also a low-mileage runner, meaning the shoes don’t have to survive quite as high of a demand.

Because of all of that, they’re more on the affordable side, too. BONUS.

They’re pink, purple, and gray, they’re cushion-y, and they’ll be mine soon. And then I get to go through the beautiful chapter that all relationships have at the start. We’ll get to know each other. We’ll start building a bond. And, eventually, we’ll fall in love.

GEL-Contend™ 2 ASICS running shoe

Behold the beauty! ASICS GEL-Contend 2.


(As long as they’re as awesome as my last ASICS. Which are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned — even after 2 years and hundreds of miles.)

I just hope they aren’t the jealous type. Because, you know…my boots still get a lot of love.

Do you have a special pair of shoes in your life? I hope you do. Everyone deserves to feel shoe love in their life.



2 thoughts on “A girl and her shoes: a love story.

  1. My special pair of shoes are black boots with metal studs decorating the tops of the toes. They are the little bit of badass that balances out my otherwise innocent appearance and they do everything they can to bring me inner joy and inside jokes. We’ve been together for two years now, and sadly our time together will shortly be coming to an end. But new love awaits me in new places, and maybe someday I’ll walk right into them. 😉
    Love the creative voice of your post! 🙂

    • Hey thanks, Libby! I appreciate you swinging by and commenting. Those boots sound fantastic. I’m all about a blend of badass and sweetness — as a short, young-looking woman, I can TOTALLY understand wanting a touch of edge. I’m sorry your journey with the stud boots may be coming to a close soon, but the memories will last a lifetime! Have a GREAT day!

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