About This Site

KellyMRivard.com is a culmination of many of my passions, as well as my eclectic menagerie of quirks and interests. Multiple blogs that I’ve run have been consolidated into here, to cover subjects such as agriculture, food, and the rural-urban crossover, while also touching on self-growth, self-care, mental health, and eating disorders.

Other things I like that may be talked about on here:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Whisky
  • Vodka
  • My pets
  • Fashion
  • Awkward things
  • Relationships (friends, Nightwolf, family)
  • Cowgirl boots
  • Swearing

The blog portion goes by the “unofficial” title “Country Nights, City Lights” — this is where I write about my adventures as a country girl living in the city, a digital communicator working in agriculture, and a bipolar bulimic beating the odds each and every day. This blog is the backbone of KellyMRivard.com, but there will be other things popping up around KellyMRivard.com:

  • Hi, I’m Agriculture is a list of blog posts written by guest contributors, talking about agricultural careers that aren’t farming and ranching, their impact on the industry, and the way they influence the food we eat
  • Leap Lists mark goals for my current life situation
  • Special awareness projects for causes I am passionate about
  • Resources for those facing difficulties that may be similar to mine, such as mental health issues, self image, and eating disorders
  • Random stuff that strikes my fancy, because THIS IS MY BLOG, DAMMIT.

This website is my “home” on the Internet. It’s where I lay out my soul and invite others to sit in my digital living room and find companionship, inspiration, or at least entertainment. Please treat it as such; I highly value my readers, so even if you would like to voice an opinion about me, please be sure to be respectful to my other commenters.

I’m very much of the “let’s be friends” mindset, where people who disagree can still coexist peacefully. So, I request that we all adhere to that mindset within the walls of my Internet “home.”


One thought on “About This Site

  1. You are a wonderful person for allowing the world to see exactly what 4H is all about. You and many other young people live by 4H and are the best that they can be because of it. My family has been involved in 4H since my city bred Mom (who was never allowed to join) had children old enough to join and the experience hasn’t stopped yet some 50 years now and counting. I have been witness to many young people’s achievements through 4H and believe their lives revolve around what they learned by making the best better in 4H. Myself, I have been involved in 4H for 48 years as a 4Her and as a 4H leader and Rabbit committee member, and hopefully will be for many years to come. God Bless You for being who you are.

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