Guest Post: The State of Agriculture in the UK

The State of Agriculture in the UK United Kingdom

Friends and esteemed readers, I love agriculture. Even knowing my next job may not be in ag, I still foster a deep passion for it. When I was approached about sharing the story of progress in growing the UK’s agricultural … Continue reading

The honest take on Chipotle’s ad, “The Scarecrow”

Chipotle The Scarecrow Funny Or Die

I wrote a commentary of Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” ad in my last post. I had a lot to say about the manipulative nature of the ad, the creative genius, and the huge ethical ramifications of morally-loose advertising like this. It … Continue reading

Team Wastell: travel partners and pig professionals

piglet in nursery

So, does anyone else remember the days when I was consistent? Anyways, now and then the world reaches out to you and you find yourself with something AWESOME. Such was the case when I received an email from Anna asking … Continue reading

I love bacon. So do the folks at Ram Trucks.

Step 2. Roast in the oven. This not only cooked the bacon for safety issues, but it also "seals" the ends of the bacon rolls. And, most importantly, it gives you bacon a crispy, yummy, delicious texture! I did mine on 350 for about half an hour.

So, the “God Made a Farmer” and “Year of the Farmer” campaign by Ram Trucks is no secret. If you live in North America and haven’t heard of it, you miiiiiiight just live under a rock. (I hear it’s cozy under … Continue reading

When in Wisconsin, do as Sconnies do.

Kelly Rivard helping with milking

About a month ago, I went to Wisconsin. Because life is busy and the world is full of so much distracting awesomeness, I haven’t blogged about it yet. But, let me tell you, it was a great trip. I spent … Continue reading

Back to “civilization” for 2013.

Kansas City Skyline

I always hated the way city people indirectly referred to the country as “uncivilized.” You know, you hear someone passing through a small town saying, “I can’t wait to get back to civilization.” I can’t help but laugh at that, … Continue reading