Twitter made me who I am.

Twitter made me who I am

That probably sounds like a loaded claim, right? One more crazy social media obsessor, trying to find overt ways to justify our social media overuse. I know, the title’s a little “extreme.” Twitter isn’t the only thing that’s led me … Continue reading

So, this is unemployment.

So this is unemployment

Opening up the Candidness Can in 3…2…1… In advertising, you have to know you’re stepping into a volatile industry.¬†Sometimes, partings of ways have to happen. I’m currently unemployed and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. It wasn’t … Continue reading

A young professional’s top travel tips.

As a young professional, I spend a lot of time learning lessons the hard way. It’s not for lack of advice — there are just a million and one things that seasoned pros take for granted that the pups like … Continue reading

A year later, how have internships impacted me?

Kelly Rivard room service AdFarm California Sacramento

This time a year ago, I was wrapping up business in college. I was less than a month from graduating, and I had officially finished every internship I’d had going on during my senior year. As a chronic intern for … Continue reading

Guest Post: Not Your Average Ag Guy

David Hayden meat science lab

Today’s Hi, I’m Agriculture post is by David Hayden, a Kentucky-native-gone-Okie. David is a meat scientist, and is also the voice of the fantastic agriculture Facebook page, Farming America and the Farming America agriculture and food¬†blog. You can also find … Continue reading

Back to “civilization” for 2013.

Kansas City Skyline

I always hated the way city people indirectly referred to the country as “uncivilized.” You know, you hear someone passing through a small town saying, “I can’t wait to get back to civilization.” I can’t help but laugh at that, … Continue reading