Twitter made me who I am.

Twitter made me who I am

That probably sounds like a loaded claim, right? One more crazy social media obsessor, trying to find overt ways to justify our social media overuse. I know, the title’s a little “extreme.” Twitter isn’t the only thing that’s led me … Continue reading

A young professional’s top travel tips.

As a young professional, I spend a lot of time learning lessons the hard way. It’s not for lack of advice — there are just a million and one things that seasoned pros take for granted that the pups like … Continue reading

The city dog goes back to her country roots.

Enter Rory. She’s my purebred longhaired Dachshund. My college roommate, Emily, was fostering her and introduced us. Rory picked me as her human and we’ve been pretty much inseparable (aside from a few business trips) since. While she has rural … Continue reading

When Hump Day is your Monday, things are hard.

Hump Day feel good moments Kelly Rivard forest

Mondays are hard. Tuesdays can be pretty hard, too, because the “start of week adrenaline rush” that got you through Monday has worn off. Wednesdays are the day when you tip over the top of the mountain and start coasting … Continue reading

22, it’s been real. Time to kick off a new year.

Kelly Mama Pre Birthday

My mom has a tradition, each and every year, of telling each of her children on the day before their birthday, “This is the very last day you will ever be __.” Today, in true Mama Joy fashion, she did … Continue reading