So a country girl and a suburbanite walk into a bar…

Nightwolf Kelly six month anniversary

Those of you who enjoy reading the more ridiculous of my posts may have seen this one about details. Essentially, it was about how my boyfriend (whom I lovingly refer to as Nightwolf on his blog) and I completely screwed … Continue reading

The city dog goes back to her country roots.

Enter Rory. She’s my purebred longhaired Dachshund. My college roommate, Emily, was fostering her and introduced us. Rory picked me as her human and we’ve been pretty much inseparable (aside from a few business trips) since. While she has rural … Continue reading

When Hump Day is your Monday, things are hard.

Hump Day feel good moments Kelly Rivard forest

Mondays are hard. Tuesdays can be pretty hard, too, because the “start of week adrenaline rush” that got you through Monday has worn off. Wednesdays are the day when you tip over the top of the mountain and start coasting … Continue reading

Back to “civilization” for 2013.

Kansas City Skyline

I always hated the way city people indirectly referred to the country as “uncivilized.” You know, you hear someone passing through a small town saying, “I can’t wait to get back to civilization.” I can’t help but laugh at that, … Continue reading

Am I still an “ag blogger?”

Kansas City Skyline

I’ve wrestled with this question a lot lately. Agriculture is one of my passions, so much that I chose to make it my career. I love agriculture, and I love advocating on behalf of agriculture. But, my blog content patterns … Continue reading

Don’t be afraid of the wind.

My very dear friend, Jodi, is a fantastic person. She has so much to teach the world about kindness, fearlessness, and overcoming adversity. When I think “good person,” Jodi is what pops into my mind. One of Jodi’s downfalls, though, … Continue reading

I ain’t no cowgirl.

Pete the Horse

In college, my city-raised friends were all shocked to find out that their token redneck friend neither owned a horse or had ever ridden one outside of festival pony rides and sitting on them for pictures at the fair. Here’s … Continue reading

A page from Brooke Clay’s book — I’m rural gone urban!

As I prepare for my 4th week in my full-time big kid job, and start my 4th week here in Kansas City, I realize I’m behind on chronicling this massive adventure. Two years ago, I never would have believed that … Continue reading

Celebrating American Agriculture for the 4th of July

I’ve been a little swamped lately prepping for my big move to Kansas City, which happens THIS FRIDAY. (If you’re confused about the dates, I was supposed to start at my job on June 25th, but we bumped it back to July 9th because my apartment would not be available until the 7th.) I’ve been packing, taking inventory, and tying up loose ends here.

I have a million and one thoughts I’d love to blog about regarding the move, work, agriculture, and a slew of other things, but instead, I’ll take a few moments to address tomorrow, the 4th of July. Continue reading